Last week we went up to Canada to visit Tyler's family (still need to journal about that trip!) and one night at dinner Tyler's dad suggested we go to California the following week. How could we say no to that?!? Tyler's sister Becky and her husband Scott are moving to Paris next week which means family trips will be a lot different with them being so far away so this was such a fun "last hurrah" with them. 

We landed Thurday morning but Tyler's family weren't going to get in until that night so we had a whole day to kill! We love good food so we looked up a fun lunch place we wanted to try and it was to DIE for. It was called Long Beach Fish Grill and if you are ever in the area you will not regret going! 

We were in heaven (and so was Elle, haha!).

We then went to the beach for a few hours. It was so warm, but so cloudy! 

Elle is OBSESSED with the water and it is so adorable.

Really Elle girl? I can't get enough of her.

We were so excited to take Elle to Disneyland for her first time! A few days before we left I found this blog post that was SO helpful for taking a baby with you to the parks. 

We all LOVED using the app Disney Wait Times (I think that's the name?) because it consistently updates the live wait times for each ride in both parks. It was so helpful! 

Going to Disneyland with a big family is the best because waiting in line for the rides goes by way fast. These people make me laugh so hard and I loved having so many extra hands that were always willing to hold/play with Elle. 

Tyler and I loved that we could take "mini dates" as we called them to go on rides by ourselves. Ty's family was so kind to watch Elle for us so much. (I also had no idea that bringing a baby to Disneyland had so many perks! You can get switch off passes that are good for 3 people to return back to go on the ride. So we loved using those too!)

Elle is 20 months now so she is still young to totally understand Disneyland and all the hype but she still had a blast. She loves people and parties so she was well entertained. 

We still have a few more days left here so while Elle is napping today I decided to hurry and journal this because I know the second we get home it won't get done! Until next time Disneyland!


  1. SHE IS THE CUTEST CHILD EVER. Those curls! I love the pictures you guys take as a family; you're such a beautiful trio!

  2. Seriously those little shorts with the tie!! I'm dying! So cute!! Such a beautiful little fam!

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  4. That one of Elle in her swimsuit with that huge grin!!! Ah I am dying! That was such a fun trip. So glad we did it. I love you guys so much!