Elle turned 18 months two weeks ago! Time seriously goes by way too fast. I can't even believe it. 

In January we…..

took Elle to a BYU basketball game. She was on cloud nine! 

We got there late and left a little early (parent life haha) but every time the crowd cheered, she would stop whatever she was doing and start clapping and yelling. It was the cutest!

We also met up with one of Tyler's favorite old roommates and his wife to go to the Jazz game. We had so much fun with them! 

And lastly, we went skiing/snowboarding. This is one of our favorite things to do together (maybe because it's the only sport I can keep up with him at). We are living proof that skiier/snowboarder marriages DO work ;) 

This month we went to the new Provo City Center Temple open house (twice!) and it is the most stunning temple I have ever been to. I keep asking Tyler if we can renew our vows there - haha totally kidding. But totally jealous of all of the brides who get this beauty in the background of their wedding pics!

This month Elle has started to really catch onto some things. She LOVES music and I always catch her singing, humming, and my very favorite - she copies the chorister at church and waves her arms all around like she is conducting the music. It is my favorite. She is my favorite!

She has gotten even more busy (if that is even possible) and is obsessed with saying "no". She does it in the sassiest little tone I can't help but laugh when she says it. Ohhhh we are in for it with this one! She is my best little friend and I love watching her personality grow and develop every day. 

She is such a sweetheart and although she tests my patience when she turns down 17 things for lunch every day until we resort to macaroni and chesse (so much for healthy eating) I sure love this little babe.


  1. Oh my goodness, she is THE cutest little thing!! I hope my children are as cute as her haha