We had some family pictures taken back in November and I'm finally just getting around to posting them! My cute friend Hanna from Blush Creative that I know from BYU-I took them for us and she is SO talented. She took ours last fall too! She was so nice to do them for us because she is about to have her first little baby girl. After taking our pictures I am sure she was second guessing things because Elle was so grumpy - isn't that how it goes? Things never go as planned when you want them to go perfectly - haha! 

We were planning to take our pictures up in this beautiful field in the mountains. The day we chose ended up getting a huge blizzard. We tried to wait it out and as a result, Elle got grumpy, hungry, and tired. With 20 minutes left until sunset, Hanna found a random park that we snapped a few pictures in. It was such a disaster but of course Hanna always gets things to turn out! We love these photos and will cherish them forever.

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