It's interview season and it's been an exciting and scary time for our family! Tyler has done 3 interviews so far and has 4 to go! He interviews at the University of Utah in a couple weeks and he is most nervous about that one. The U has a really good medical school and he would get in state tuition which makes it a LOT cheaper than all of his other out-of-state options. The only issue is that it is really hard to get into. They have around 4,000 applicants, give around 500 interviews and accept 100 people. I am SO proud of him for getting an interview and I honestly believe that the Lord has a plan for us and it will all work out - we just need to have faith in His plan for us :)

His first two interviews were in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He flew out to the first one by himself but I tagged along with him on the second one for a little getaway. 

It was our first time leaving Elle (thanks to my family for watching her!) and it was hard to leave her but the little trip was SO rejuvenating and so needed! It didn't help that I came back to Elle calling my mom "mom"! Hahaha, too funny! 
We LOVE Arizona. I grew up going on little getaways here and we both totally see ourselves living here. 

We ate at the YUMMIEST places (we are foodies if you can't tell, always talking about food here haha) and went on some really fun hikes. We brought our selfie stick and I thought I was taking a bunch of pictures but when we got back to the car… there was ONE. It must've got bumped and disconnected? Sad day.

Speaking of food, we ate at our favorite place Waffle House. It's seriously SO ghetto. We always joke that it's not Waffle House unless your waitress has a few teeth missing. But it's what makes the experience so great. The pecan waffle.. don't even get me started. So good!

Next we went to Los Angeles. This trip I barely took any photos which I am now sad about but we had a BLAST! It was surprisingly warm and so we did a beach day and big surprise, ate lots of yummy food. 

I'm grateful for this crazy life we live. I'm grateful for all of the hard days of being a mom that have made these getaways all that sweeter. I'm grateful to have Tyler as my husband and support system who makes me DIE laughing daily and for all of our many blessings! 


  1. 7 interviews is incredible! You will have your pick of schools! Congrats!

  2. I love all of your updates! You guys are so dang cute!

  3. I just came across your blog a couple days ago and I love it! You have the cutest little family. I just got married in April and my husband is working towards medical school, so I love seeing your journey through that process so I can see what awaits me haha. Just out of curiosity, what kind of doctor is Tyler wanting to be? :)

    1. Thank you!! You can always email me if you have any questions because I always have a million! Right now he thinks he wants to do Family Medicine. But every time he tells a doctor that they tell him to wait until rotations in medical school because you always change your mind. So we will see! Good luck to you!!