We had such a wonderful Christmas this year! Each year we've decided to rotate whether we stay in Utah or go up to Canada - and this year we stayed in Utah. My cousin Larissa got married over the break, so her family (who lives in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East) came out, along with my cousins in Virginia so it was a lot of fun to have all of our family together because it only happens every few years!

Larissa was the most beautiful bride. Her and her husband Josh met in my parents BYU ward down at Glenwood. What are the chances, huh?! 

We ate a lot of amazing food, went up to Temple Square to see the lights, and soaked in having all of our family together.

Elle is obsessed with any sort of light and Temple Square was no different! She does this cute thing whenever we turn on a light after walking into a dark room she yells, "Wooooaaaahhh!" It's hilarious. She did the same thing walking up to temple square with all the lights and it was my favorite moment of the whole day!

We got a few little toys for Elle for Christmas and she was in heaven! 

We ate way too much food all day long… 

This picture is of her dancing to the music on on of her new toys. Jazz hands?! It was KILLIN us!

She LOVES anything soft. She kept saying "awwww" as she cuddled with this blanket!

And it snowed close to 12 inches on Christmas DAY. I was so happy. 

We slept at our apartment since it's so close to my parents house and we knew Elle would sleep better in her own bed. When we drove up there in the morning, we couldn't make it up the hill because of how much snow there was. (one of those days I wish we had 4 wheel drive...) One of my neighbors who was LUCKILY on his 4 wheeler clearing sidewalks plowed a little path for us so we barely made it. It was a fun memory :)

We had fun sending out Christmas cards this year although I still have some on my counter needing to be mailed off. I'm the worst at that. Yikes! 

We also took Elle to the Provo Rec Center which was so much fun. Elle LOVES the water!

I am grateful for all the trials and triumphs we experienced in 2015. I love my family and couldn't have survived this year without them. As a new mom, I'm still going through a lot of "firsts" and I've made a lot of mistakes figuring things out along the way, but Elle has been so patient and loving - she is truly the light of our lives. I'm also so grateful for Tyler. He is more than I could have ever asked for in a husband and he is my best friend! I know 2016 will bring on a lot of change for our family but I'm excited to do it all with these two :)

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