Tyler's grandparents on his mom's side own a beautiful property in British Columbia. Lots of his cousins spend their summers there - but there's also one week in the summer where the whole family comes to visit. I was so excited to go to my very first "family week"!
This place is what makes up Tyler's childhood and I've heard story after story of his summers here. I was excited to finally get to go! We haven't been able to the previous two summers because of sticky green card crossing the border stuff. Blah! But… finally!!

THIS PLACE WAS MAGICAL. I can't even describe how stunningly beautiful it was. Pictures do not do justice! There were so many fun toys to keep us having fun - kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, giant swings into the water - it was truly the greatest. 

Tyler's mom was constantly offering to watch Elle so we could go off and spend time together. We made the BEST memories there - one of my favorites was canoeing around the lake together each night. It was so romantic watching the sunset with my sweetheart surrounded by the most beautiful scenery!

It was so cute to watch all of Tyler's little cousins play with Elle. She was on cloud nine with all the attention and love!

Unfortunately, this trip happened right about the time when all of Tyler's secondary medical school applications started coming in... so each day we drove down to this adorable coffee shop + cafe (really the only thing in the tiny town besides a gas station) to use their wifi. 
I expected this teeny tiny town's cafe to not be that good… but the food was literally INCREDIBLE. I'm still craving their cheesecake. Each day I looked forward to our mini dates here haha!

Tyler's mom is the only sister and she has 6 brothers. All of his uncles are INSANE talented with any type of sport/athletics. I was blown away watching them air chairing, wake boarding, waterskiing, etc. I was a baby and stuck with tubing :)

It was sad to leave, but just made me that much more excited for next summer!

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