FALL 2015

I'm finally updating my blog (being a mom is BUSY! I wish I had more time to do it more often) but here is what our little family has been up to this fall!

To start, Becky - Tyler's sister - got married! We went up to Calgary and it was such a perfect day. For real though.. was she not the most beautiful bride EVER?

It's not a trip to Canada without a trip to Superstore! I love visiting Canada and going to my favorite places. Superstore is kind of like the State's version of Target and it's the bomb.

I stole these pictures off of Facebook because it's faster so sorry they are a bit blurry! It was such a wonderful day and we are so happy for her and Scott! They are perfect for each other and we love (and miss - they live in the Bay area now) them everyday!!


Fall is in full swing at our house! It had been so warm in Utah up until the past few days and I am so happy it's getting colder so I can finally put on sweaters, boots, and drink hot cocoa for days! We went to a cute little pumpkin patch and when I saw these pastel pumpkins I KNEW we had to get them. So cute!

Tyler has gotten 4 interviews so far for medical school! GAH! We cannot believe how crazy it is that this is all actually happening. It's scary and exciting but we also know that the Lord has a plan for our family.  It's a little unsettling to have no idea what our future will turn out like and where we will even be living next fall but we know that it will all work out! We went to the temple last week and it sure helped us to have faith that things will fall into place just as they are supposed to.

And here are some random pictures from the past couple months!

So sad peach season is over.

Fishing with my crew! Tyler's random obsession with fishing is still going strong. We are all surprised it's lasted this long but we have fun going!

My cute little sister went to her first dance! WHAT! How pretty does she look though!

Love my little best friend.

Watching auntie Isabelle at her tennis matches!


  1. I'm just a random blogger that came across your blog a while ago! I love how happy all your posts are! Also, that cute jumper Elle is wearing in the acai bowl picture... WHERE did you get that?? It's so cute!

    -Aleigh Moore

    1. You are so nice! THANK YOU! I actually made it out of an old maternity shirt!

  2. ok your family is just THE cutest! also .. congrats on medical school!! what an accomplishment!!


  3. 4 interviews is amazing!!! excited to see where you end up! looks like it was a fun summer!

  4. One day I will grow up and be like you.....CUTEST