Even though Elle has been one for over a month, I still can't believe I have a one year old! 

Leading up to her birthday, people kept asking if I was planning a huge party for her. Ah! So much pressure. I got onto Pinterest a few times and got so overwhelmed with what was necessary for a one year old's party. Although I think it turned out super cute, I ended up making it pretty simple too - like SUPER simple. The hardest part was making the cake but it turned out great! So fun celebrating our first year of being parents (we did it!) and Elle's first year of life. We are so blessed to have her.

We didn't have a party, just a little get together with my parents and siblings. I bought a few balloons spelling "ONE" from Zurchers, 

Used a felt ball garland from a shower I threw for my sister in law (from Pebbles in My Pocket in Orem - they have the cheapest felt balls I have found thus far! And you can mix and match. The best.)

And lastly, I made a cake + cake topper! The topper is just made of a bunch of colored card stock cut into flowers. It was actually so fun and really easy to make.

It was so fun to give it to her. She was so dainty with it, we just giggled for the longest time watching her! 
^ I printed the "one" out in a cute font on normal paper, then traced it onto cardstock!

We finally cut off a chunk of cake and after 20 minutes or so she finally started to get into it!

We didn't get around to opening presents until the NEXT night. So pathetic haha! She didn't really understand the whole concept but it was fun anyways.

Before she turned one, we went on a drive up Provo Canyon and I turned to see this gorgeous field of yellow flowers. I KNEW I had to take some pictures of Elle there so we went back and snapped some pictures. Tyler hates taking pictures for long periods of time so he said we had a 15 minute time limit (haha!) and luckily we got a few cute ones! 

We love this darling little babe of ours. She is soooo busy but SO fun. I'm constantly chasing her around the house and picking up after her but it is so fun to watch her explore and learn new things every day. She isn't walking quite yet, and it doesn't look like she has any interest in it at all. Haha! Can't wait for another great year with our sweet Elle.

You can watch a video I put together of her first year here. Love you Elle!