Holy smokes. Still can't believe Tyler and I are done with our bachelor's degrees. It was (what felt like) a long road. But, we did it! 

Both of our families came to Rexburg and helped us get all ready. Barb, my mother-in-law, flew in a week early so that she could help out watching Elle while I finished finals and got all packed up. I couldn't have done all of the insane move out cleaning without the help of my entire family!

The day of graduation, I did not really want to go to the convocation. It sounded boring and to be honest, it was a little bit (ha!) but I am so glad we went. Everyone who finishes college deserves to walk the stage! 

Tyler and I walked the stage together and we took Elle with us - hehe! No one else had a baby but Tyler was like, "It was dang hard to finish school with Elle I want her up there with us!" When we showed up on the big screen my family said everyone went "awwww." We got her a mini cap to wear just from the campus bookstore and she looked adorable. 

I haven't gotten the photos back that my dad took on his nice camera yet so here are some super low quality pictures for ya.

My family

Tyler's family (minus Rachel who was in California. We missed her!)

As soon as I got pregnant with Elle, I got lots of comments about "well I guess you're not finishing college then, right?" Now I know that not every mom finishes (because it's hard!), but college has always been very important to me. This was such a proud day for Tyler and I. It was the sweetest feeling knowing that despite the hard nights learning to balance school with a baby, it all paid off. It was so worth it. WE DID IT!


  1. Hooray!! And huge congratulations. I definitely would have said aww to your cute family walking at graduation. :) Way to finish, you rockstar-mom.

  2. Congratulations!!! (My alma matter! Woot! Woot!) Seriously, finishing school with a baby is quite the feat. Way to go, you two! May the Lord bless you with happiness and success.

  3. Also, I love your new look around here!

  4. Congratulations! I imagine that finishing college with a (cute) baby was quite the feat! Woohoo! You guys did it! :)

  5. YAY! I am just so dang proud of both of you! Craig and I get to start that road when our little gal comes in September :) I am not giving up!! I have one more year and you are just more inspiration that this is all possible :) Congrats to you and Tyler!!