We are officially moved down here to Utah and loving it! I grew up here and never thought it was anything special (I kind of got bored living here to be honest) but living in Rexburg sure gave me an appreciation for Utah. It's the greatest place and we are loving our new life here. 

We are still in the process of getting our apartment all settled. Tyler is searching for a job so in the meantime, I've been soaking in my time with him! We're on cloud nine because over the past couple years while we've been in school year round we didn't get to spend as much time with each other as we would have liked so it's been the BEST. 

Some things as of late…

Elle is 9 months! She says "mama" and "dada" and it's the BEST. She's been babbling and saying those sounds for a while now but we never were sure that she was actually connecting the two until now. It melts our hearts and we are LOVING this fun stage she is in. 

I played photographer for a little bit with my stunning 15 year old sister in law Rachel when she came to visit us last. Sheesh, I wish I looked like her at 15!!

Have you seen Meet the Mormons? Well they feature "The Candy Bomber" Gail Halvorsen. He is the father of my neighbor two houses up from my parents and he was visiting his daughter this week. As I was driving up to my parents, I saw him walking up the street! I pulled over and got a photo with him - he is absolutely inspiring!

We've been spending a lot of time with Tyler's sister Becky who is going to BYU. We are LOVING it. It was her birthday last week so we had her over and got vietnamese food and cupcakes to celebrate! They've got their cheesy smiles and peace signs DOWN.

Speaking of food. Have you been to Pizzeria Limone? My family really likes it but I hadn't ever been with them until a couple days ago when I went with my mom and sister Isabelle. Don't walk, run. It's AMAZING and affordable. We will definitely be back.

Lastly, love my little Elle girl. Snapped this on one of many trips to the hall during church on Sunday. She is the best. Love that little gummy smile of hers.


Holy smokes. Still can't believe Tyler and I are done with our bachelor's degrees. It was (what felt like) a long road. But, we did it! 

Both of our families came to Rexburg and helped us get all ready. Barb, my mother-in-law, flew in a week early so that she could help out watching Elle while I finished finals and got all packed up. I couldn't have done all of the insane move out cleaning without the help of my entire family!

The day of graduation, I did not really want to go to the convocation. It sounded boring and to be honest, it was a little bit (ha!) but I am so glad we went. Everyone who finishes college deserves to walk the stage! 

Tyler and I walked the stage together and we took Elle with us - hehe! No one else had a baby but Tyler was like, "It was dang hard to finish school with Elle I want her up there with us!" When we showed up on the big screen my family said everyone went "awwww." We got her a mini cap to wear just from the campus bookstore and she looked adorable. 

I haven't gotten the photos back that my dad took on his nice camera yet so here are some super low quality pictures for ya.

My family

Tyler's family (minus Rachel who was in California. We missed her!)

As soon as I got pregnant with Elle, I got lots of comments about "well I guess you're not finishing college then, right?" Now I know that not every mom finishes (because it's hard!), but college has always been very important to me. This was such a proud day for Tyler and I. It was the sweetest feeling knowing that despite the hard nights learning to balance school with a baby, it all paid off. It was so worth it. WE DID IT!