This past weekend was spent in Utah again (surprise!) getting things ready for our new apartment! We did touch up paint & a whole bunch of shopping.

My mom and I are the best bargain shoppers. We headed up to Salt Lake for some City Creek shopping, Gourmandise for lunch with the fam,

and then over to the Overstock Outlet in Salt Lake. There's a whole lotta junk there but there are also a whole lotta treasures. I got a new upholstered tufted headboard for $35. Can you believe that?! So excited.

We ate lots of good food including introducing our Elle to our favorite fatty food place in-n-out

Tagged along on my parents Friday date night at one of their favorite places 180 Tacos - Tyler and I hadn't ever been and we looooved it!

We also spent some time over at Tyler's uncles house for dinner. Elle waved for the first time (you can see the video on my instagram @madeline_vance) and we were all STUNNED. Seriously the funniest thing that she had caught on! Love this family I married into!

I was trying to take a photo to send my mom of this darling dress my parents got her in Mexico last year but thought it was an accurate description of what Elle's hair would look like if you were to stop by our house unannounced:

And my last bit of exciting news is that my mom called me today with the best news.. She found me a brand new West Elm table (I've been looking for something for our new apartment to put our TV on) on suuuuuuuper clearance. There's not much I love more than a good deal! I'm thinking I will probably repaint it (input please?!)


  1. What color are you thinking of doing? I actually think the color it is, is beautiful!

  2. first of all, pretty much all the food places you mentioned are food places on my list haha. second of all, if you are moving to utah before april 18th you are welcome to come to the tea party i am hosting at dear lizzie! idk if it's your jam, but you're invited. idk what other bloggers will be coming but you can join this facebook group if you want to stay in the loop about other friends in real life events! https://www.facebook.com/groups/873516729347895/
    ok, thirdly, i have wanted to go to the overstock warehouse and hear amazing things about it. i'm excited to see pictures of your cute apartment!
    fourth, i would definitely paint that table like a turquoise or mustard yellow, but idk the color scheme of your place. i'm sure whatever you choose will look great!

  3. LOVE the table!! & love all of your pics .. even if they are iphone :)
    can't wait to see what you do with it!!


  4. i love the color it is already, so pretty! congrats on making it to orem! i can't wait til we can be back up there.

  5. 1.oh, so much good food in utah. isn't it the best?
    2. ELLE'S SMILE AND I COULD DIE. she is getting more darling by the day. (i say that a lot to you, but it's true!)
    3. loooove that west elm table. you have great taste - i can't wait to see your apartment once you've done it all up! (and i love white or black furniture, but i'm sure whatever you do with it will be perfect.)