Yesterday Tyler and our good friend Garrett went snowboarding in Wyoming. Friday night as we cuddled in bed, I told Tyler that he needed to be extra careful because he has a wife and a baby who need him! Haha. I was getting worried he would be doing sketchy jumps and get hurt. Well Saturday morning I get a call, "Hey babe! Yeah, I got a little cut but I'm totally fine." Ahhhhhh. I knew he was making it sound a lot better than it really was. He ended up slicing through his pants and cut through his skin on his knee, his bersa, and sliced his tendon. He said he could see his bone, how nasty is that?
We spent most of the day at the hospital. I'm one of those crazy people who loves the food at the Madison Memorial hospital ha! so I was totally fine chilling there all day. They have the best chicken fingers (yes I am six years old) but don't you worry I balanced it out with a salad and a cookie.

He needed a bunch of internal and external stitches but that's it! It could have been a LOT worse. Garrett and Hannah brought Tyler some ice cream, milk (anyone who knows Tyler knows his obsession with milk haha and they knew we were running low since we couldn't go grocery shopping yesterday how sweet is that?) and a cute balloon. We love them!

A recap on our week…

Elle is officially 7 months. Time flies! Love this girl.

We propped her up against the tree in our front yard and we died laughing. Her butt sticking out is the best part!

And lastly, my cousin Larissa came up to visit for the weekend and I saw her for the first time since she got back from her mission!! It was the sweetest reunion, I missed her so much! 


  1. omg! k for someone who could see their bone your hub looks pretty happy haha! glad it turned out alright though, and glad it led to you eating chicken fingers hahaha.

  2. oh my goodness, larissa was in my freshman ward!!! small world hahaha

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

  3. oh I just love her so much! she's so cute. and that's totally something braden would do. haha

  4. I'm sorry to hear about Tyler's misfortune, but hope that he heals quickly! Also, Elle is getting so big and is so beautiful! :)

  5. So ADORABLE!!!
    Just thought I would let you know that i nominated you for the liebster award! Details on my blog...
    haileyjosephine.blogspot.com :)