Whooooo hoooo! The biggest news in our family is that Tyler got his MCAT score back and did so great! We are so so happy and I am so proud of him. He took the test for the first time back in September and did not do good. It was a little bit of a reality check for both of us. He took it a second time last month and we both had no clue what to expect from it. Well he got 7 (SEVEN) points higher this time around and got a score that will definitely get him in to medical school. There were lots of long, lonely, study-dedicated nights and I'm so proud of him. There were LOTS of prayers, fasting, and faith involved and we both know that it was because of Heavenly Father that he did so well.

The fact that we only have two more months left in Rexburg is becoming more of a reality for us and it's very bittersweet. We are so excited to move to Utah but also a little sad (surprisingly) to leave Rexburg. We have had the best memories here. It's where we fell in love, got engaged, had Elle, have had so many great experiences at BYU Idaho and have met the BEST people.

We found an apartment in Utah and we are sooo super excited about it. Our neighbors back from my home ward, The Hunsakers, their grandpa owns a condo on 800 North just down the street from Harmons and we are renting from him. All of my dreams and thoughts lately are full of decorating, furniture, etc! So excited.

We went to The Hickory this week with our good friends The Irene's and man are we going to miss them!

For all my Rexburg peeps, have you ever been to The Jean Girl? I hadn't, so I went last week and found this adorable new shirt. They want to give all of my readers a 10% discount with the code: madeline10. Isn't that amazing!? Their spring line is going to be so cute. Another sad reason to leave Rexburg, but they have an online shop too so I think I'll survive:)

Elle is cuter than ever and is finally giggling. (a little late girlfriend?! Mom here has been waiting for this!) Ahhh. Listening to her giggle is like music to my hears. Seriously. Nothing makes me happier. We caught it on camera the other night and you can watch it HERE. Be prepared for your heart to melt.


  1. yay congrats on the mcat!! that's a HUGE deal!!
    and your sweet little elle is SO adorable! there is nothing better than genuine laughs from a little one!


  2. you are the most beautiful mama, and that shirt looks great on you. (you shouldn't have mentioned they have an online shop, DANGER ZONE for me!) i really am so happy that tyler did well on the MCAT - some of our best friends are going through that same ordeal right now and i can't even handle the stress for them. what a relief!

  3. So happy for you and your husband. Utah is the best. Where is Tyler planning on going to school? BYU-Provo? My husband has to take the DAT this summer and I'm so nervous for him. It's going to be the worst test in the world for him because he gets nervous so easily for tests and knowing that this will affect our future is just sooo stressful! Ah.



  4. Congratulations on the good MCAT score! That is so exciting! Also I agree with Mila, Utah is the best! Quite the change from Rexburg. My husband and I totally miss our Idaho days, I wouldn't be surprised if we moved back there someday. Rexburg definitely has a small town charm to it that Utah County is lacking in, but there are advantages to living here as well.

  5. wahooo! how awesome. and yay for moving to utah! lets get together when you move back!

  6. congrats. come back to utah. we need to go to swig. I need elle in my life. I need you in my life. and you're stunning. that's all. :)

  7. Congratulations, that's big!! I have two pieces of advice for you two at this stage. First (and you probably already know this one), apply to many schools. I'd say shoot for a dozen, at least. You just never know how competitive it will be form year to year. When my husband applied last year, he got four interviews out of 13(?) applications. Even though he was waitlisted at 2 stateside schools, it just so happened to be year where there was hardly any movement on any of the waitlists, so we had to go Caribbean (which is fun, and we know he'll be fine getting residencies, but of course stateside is better). Advice #2: Hire an editor to look at all his essays. Even if your husband is an awesome writer, having a professional look at it might give him just enough of a little boost. Every advantage helps in this endeavor. Good luck, and have fun! It's an exciting journey.