Yesterday Tyler and our good friend Garrett went snowboarding in Wyoming. Friday night as we cuddled in bed, I told Tyler that he needed to be extra careful because he has a wife and a baby who need him! Haha. I was getting worried he would be doing sketchy jumps and get hurt. Well Saturday morning I get a call, "Hey babe! Yeah, I got a little cut but I'm totally fine." Ahhhhhh. I knew he was making it sound a lot better than it really was. He ended up slicing through his pants and cut through his skin on his knee, his bersa, and sliced his tendon. He said he could see his bone, how nasty is that?
We spent most of the day at the hospital. I'm one of those crazy people who loves the food at the Madison Memorial hospital ha! so I was totally fine chilling there all day. They have the best chicken fingers (yes I am six years old) but don't you worry I balanced it out with a salad and a cookie.

He needed a bunch of internal and external stitches but that's it! It could have been a LOT worse. Garrett and Hannah brought Tyler some ice cream, milk (anyone who knows Tyler knows his obsession with milk haha and they knew we were running low since we couldn't go grocery shopping yesterday how sweet is that?) and a cute balloon. We love them!

A recap on our week…

Elle is officially 7 months. Time flies! Love this girl.

We propped her up against the tree in our front yard and we died laughing. Her butt sticking out is the best part!

And lastly, my cousin Larissa came up to visit for the weekend and I saw her for the first time since she got back from her mission!! It was the sweetest reunion, I missed her so much! 



Our inlaws decided they missed Elle too much and wanted to see her this weekend so they came down. We spent some time with them Thursday evening and then Friday morning they headed down to Utah to see my sister in law Becky who's going to BYU. Emma (Tyler's youngest sister) adores Elle and wanted to stay with us so she could be with Elle more.

Emma had the room at the Marriott to herself so we decided to crash her party. 

We had so much fun. We swam, ordered pizza, got some Haagen-Dazs ice cream (which if you're wondering costs an arm and a leg if you get it from the hotel oops haha) and laughed all night long!

Today Tyler has a big physiology test so he won't be done until 5pm but we are so happy to have Emma here so we can go out on a little date baby-free :) 

We speak in church tomorrow so that's always.. great haha. Wish us luck!

Oh, how cute is Elle's Valentines outfit?? Ahh I love her. I bought this shirt at Jo Fresh (cutest & cheapest clothes) in Canada before she was even born and it finally fits! Perfect timing. Happy Valentines Day!



Whooooo hoooo! The biggest news in our family is that Tyler got his MCAT score back and did so great! We are so so happy and I am so proud of him. He took the test for the first time back in September and did not do good. It was a little bit of a reality check for both of us. He took it a second time last month and we both had no clue what to expect from it. Well he got 7 (SEVEN) points higher this time around and got a score that will definitely get him in to medical school. There were lots of long, lonely, study-dedicated nights and I'm so proud of him. There were LOTS of prayers, fasting, and faith involved and we both know that it was because of Heavenly Father that he did so well.

The fact that we only have two more months left in Rexburg is becoming more of a reality for us and it's very bittersweet. We are so excited to move to Utah but also a little sad (surprisingly) to leave Rexburg. We have had the best memories here. It's where we fell in love, got engaged, had Elle, have had so many great experiences at BYU Idaho and have met the BEST people.

We found an apartment in Utah and we are sooo super excited about it. Our neighbors back from my home ward, The Hunsakers, their grandpa owns a condo on 800 North just down the street from Harmons and we are renting from him. All of my dreams and thoughts lately are full of decorating, furniture, etc! So excited.

We went to The Hickory this week with our good friends The Irene's and man are we going to miss them!

For all my Rexburg peeps, have you ever been to The Jean Girl? I hadn't, so I went last week and found this adorable new shirt. They want to give all of my readers a 10% discount with the code: madeline10. Isn't that amazing!? Their spring line is going to be so cute. Another sad reason to leave Rexburg, but they have an online shop too so I think I'll survive:)

Elle is cuter than ever and is finally giggling. (a little late girlfriend?! Mom here has been waiting for this!) Ahhh. Listening to her giggle is like music to my hears. Seriously. Nothing makes me happier. We caught it on camera the other night and you can watch it HERE. Be prepared for your heart to melt.



When Elle was first born, I began taking pictures of her like a normal obsessive parent would. She just was too cute to handle that I couldn't help but post pictures of her daily! A couple months ago I realized that the world would be a whole lot better if people (like myself) would stop taking so many photos and just live. I then wondered how many moments I was only half there for because I was so busy capturing the moment in a photograph. I decided to put my camera on the shelf and use it less. As a result, I'm having a hard time finding the desire to blog because I don't have nearly as many pictures to post! 

A few days ago, I was talking to my adorable friend Jamie who blogs a lot more than I do and it occurred to me that I want to document life, I just don't want to be so consumed with it. This blog is my online journal and I love the thought having so many moments in our lives being recorded. So I have a new goal to blog at least once a week because Elle is growing up way too fast and I want to remember these moments, pictures and all. Balance in all things is key!


Elle turned 6 months! 

She can officially sit up by herself and it blows my mind.

We are selling our 2012 Honda Civic! We are so blessed to have two cars thanks to my inlaws but our Highlander is a lot more expensive on gas (but who am I kidding, gas these days at less than $2 is making me sooo happy) so we end up taking that everywhere and rarely touching the Honda. So we are selling it to get a small 4-door car because let's be honest whoever invented 2-door cars was not a parent. So if anyone needs a new car let me know!

How adorable are these two?! Ahh my heart! My parents got us a gift card to our favorite restaurant in Idaho Falls so we used that last night and Elle was a dream. Such a perfect baby and we loved that she let us eat our meals uninterrupted. (praise to high chairs)

Speaking of food, cocoabean's smores cupcakes are seriously what dreams are made of.

And lastly, how hilarious are these little buns we put her hair into?!