We started off Christmas break with a trip to Lander, Wyoming to visit our good friend Garrett's hometown for a snowmobiling trip. 

Although I had to stay back with Elle while they went snowmobiling, it was such a fun weekend. We played ping pong late into the night, ate delicious food, and laughed until our abs were sore. It was sad to leave! We are so lucky to have these friends!

Elle was a dream traveler on our way up to Canada except for about 2 hours of the entire trip. (It's a 10 hour drive so she did pretty good!) We split the drive into two days which was great. We were planning on doing it all in one day, but Tyler's parents could tell we were tired on the phone and got us a hotel. After being in the car for that long we were so ready to be with family!

The Vance's have a fun Christmas Eve tradition to go out on the balcony around a fire and read a letter that their grandmother who has passed away wrote to her children and grandchildren. It was so sweet, it totally made me tear up. I feel so lucky to just adore my in laws like I do!

Okay and this bear suit?! Tyler's little sister Emma (in the picture above) absolutely adores Elle and hardly leaves her side. She was dying for Elle to open a gift early and we were so glad she did because it kept her so warm! 

Gotta love those tacky Christmas sweaters!

For Christmas, Tyler's family spoiled us silly! They are so gracious to us and we feel so blessed this holiday season. We didn't finish opening presents until Christmas NIGHT. At my house, we are done with presents by 8am because we are all too anxious, but those Vance's man! They drag it out all day long! It's always interesting to spend your first Christmas away from home but the Vance family made it so so easy for me. We had a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Aw that bear suit is so cute! And what a fun tradition that is! A great way to remember their grandma.

  2. the cutest little family :) happy new year vance family! :)

    xo, pocketofblossoms.com

  3. I adore that bear suit! I'm glad that you've had such a wonderful vacation. :)

  4. Goodness, that bear suit is adorable!! Since being married, I have loved experience all of Kalvin's family traditions! It makes the holidays even better!

  5. I love that cute little white suit. Your Christmas looks amazing. We have friends who drove up to Canada as well for Christmas and I was just so impressed how easily they concurred such a long drive. 10 hours in the car just seems like forever for me, but I'm just a wuss who can't sit still I guess haha



  6. Agh I'm dying over that little bear suit! Happy happy belated Christmas!

  7. soooo fun! isn't it so nice to have fun in-laws? also their house looks so dreamy! and that little bear outfit! i mean...gosh, kill us with cuteness!

  8. YEP, friends for life. :) move back already!!