Tonight I went shopping with my cute sister Isabelle at Trolley Square in Salt Lake! Why? Christmas shopping! I seriously cannot believe that it's that time of year again. But I love it. I love every single bit of it! 

Trolley Square is seriously so magical at Christmastime. They decorate it so beautifully!

I grew up coming to this mall on occasion.. mostly because of their pottery barn store! What I love about this mall is that it has a lot of specialty stores that you can't get anywhere else. Plus, I heard a rumor (not sure if it's true) that they may be getting a Zara….  Crossing my fingers it's true!

We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory (carb overload? yes please.) And I am more than ecstatic about the fact that I got about half of my Christmas shopping done tonight. The best part?! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! Call me crazy… but there's just something about being prepared that makes me so so so happy. 

Now, I know you can buy all of the gifts in the world, but sometimes I love to give sentimental gifts as well. I need some ideas… any good ones out there? Shoot them my way! Slideshow, video, picture, anything. Help me! 


  1. I always give my parents sentimental gifts. My best one was a couple of years ago when I made a shutter fly for both of them that had pictures with one kid and them on each page and memories documented by that kid as well as letters to them about why they admired them etc. Last year we gave them a picture of the temple they got married in as well as all of our testimonies written out and how they helped us get there :) I still haven't figured out what to do for them this year though!!!

  2. haha you and your sister look so alike!
    also zara….. when is it coming?! how do you know?! my life would be 100% amazing with that.
    i'm with ya on getting christmas shopping done. for sentimental gifts idk if you read a beautiful mess but they have tons of ideas! for hubs i did a photo album of our adventures with little captions for each picture and left the rest of the photo album blank so we can continue to add to it!
    or i also do photo albums for trips we go on, so your could do a cute one for your inlaws of when you went to canada! parents love stuff like that they can set out on their coffee tables and show to friends when they can come over.
    anyways, just a few ideas!

  3. i love sentimental gifts too! they mean so much more and my parents enjoy them more.

    xoxo, kiely

  4. okay one: my sisters name is Isabell too! two: how on earth do you nurse in a dress? teach me your ways! three: you look so cute!

  5. Twins, of course. I have that ASOS dress! Ha!