For Halloween this year, Tyler was adamant that he wanted to be Rex from Napoleon Dynamite and he wanted me to be Starla. Haha, I went with it! 

We literally did Elle's costume two hours before the party. She was a "homeless baby" and we were laughing at it all night. We've decided when she grows up and looks back she will either thing we were super weird or way funny.

This semester, we have fallen in love (literally) with our neighbors! We hang out waaay too much but so far we're not sick of each other yet ;)

Our neighbors the Jacobs threw a party and it was so much fun. We did it the day before Halloween and I am SO glad we did because Elle ended up not feeling well at all on Halloween so it actually worked out perfectly!

The food was all to die for. I mean, do I have the cutest friends or what? I didn't want to ruin anything by eating it! But who am I kidding, we snacked and snacked all night long.

Halloween has never really been a favorite holiday of mine, but this party changed it all.. we love Halloween now! Another huge plus to Halloween is that the moment it's over… the holiday fun begins!


  1. haha my thoughts exactly. we spent all day today cleaning and putting up christmas stuff.

  2. Looks fun and yummy!
    xo, Alex


  3. you guys really nailed it with your costumes this year - i laughed SO hard at rex and starla, & i was showing my friends your instagram of elle as the little homeless baby. so cute, i'm glad your halloween was so fun!

  4. okay, what a darling halloween party! All those treats look soooo good, and it's only 8:15am! haha