^ That's a word, right? California + vacation? Anyways. Today we went to this stunning beach. Our morning started off rough. Sleeping in until 10, drama because I was a little PMS-y and on edge (sorry to my poor husband) and was starving with nothing to eat because we just had gotten to our resort the night before with no food really. I'm so glad we went to the beach because it completely changed my attitude for the day. It totally looked like it was right off the Oregon coast, but nope - California! The drive to get there was absolutely stunning. Through redwoods and miles of windy roads through the most beautiful trees. We pulled over at one point to take pictures - I was in love!

We chose a random pull off for the beach, and boy did we get lucky! We hiked down this lovely path to a little beach that we had all to ourselves (except for the couple we stumbled upon making out.. they were embarrassed and quickly left haha)

We had so much fun playing in the water, oh my goodness. We were on cloud 9 and ended up all getting so soaked. 

Although it looks cold in the pictures, it was actually PERFECT weather. We're having such a fun time in California!

My sister-in-law Rachel (the one in the pink sweater) just leaned over as I was writing this and asked to write a little something. I should probably be a little scared but here goes nothing….

Hello gorgeous ladies (and gentlemen;),
I just wanted to tell you all how flipping awesome Madeline is!! She's one of the greatest examples I have. Not only is she kind, bubbly, absolutely gorgeous, and the best wife to my brother, but she is seriously an awesome sister in law and i just always look forward to being with her, making memories and laughing hysterically at the stupidest things!! Right now she's nervously sitting next to me, can't sit still as she has no idea what I'm saying!! BUT I LOVE HER TO THE MOON AND BACK and so should you!!! Keep smiling and have a FABULOUS week.

Ps. If your having a bad day, go and google Bruce Jenner
Love, Rachel

Okay it's Madeline & I'm just reading this ^ HOW SWEET IS SHE? Anyways, goodnight!


  1. Those pictures are absolutely stunning! I want to go there now! I have to ask what lens you use if you don't mind, everything looks so dreamy. Glad to hear you had an awesome vacation to see your family!

  2. ah teach me how you travel so much while being a college student! i need a vacation!

  3. It sounds like you have some awesome sisters-in-law :) Family is the best, and vacations are the best too. You're right - that beach looks like it should totally belong in Oregon or something, haha. I'd love to go there.

  4. GORGEOUS pics.... and that baby!!!!!! AH she is adorable! :)