Haha if you can't already tell, I am obsessed with baby headbands and Elle has so many of them. I have actually made most of them myself, but not this darling one! (Haha - her face!)

I came across the cutest little headband and legging shop on instagram the other day called Notes & Knots. You can see their stuff here or on instagram @notesandknots. How darling is this headband?!

They are made of the softest and stretchiest material so Elle hardly has an idea that she's even wearing it! One of the reasons I'm telling you about these headbands is not only because they are just so cute but also because they are so affordable! Each headband is just $7! 

Anyways. Just sharing some love because I wish I knew about these months ago!

Elle is 3 and a half months old already and I seriously am blown away with how fast it has gone. People tell you the cliche statement, "Oh they grow up so fast!" But man. I didn't know it was actually so true! We are loving each day with her. She has the BEST little personality that we are getting to know more each day. She has her moments like any baby does, but she really is overall such a great baby. When I'm up with her in the middle of the night and she's smiling and giggling, I can't help but just soak in the moments because I know they won't last forever. 



I have this darling friend named Hanna Christian who has become the most stunning photographer and videographer! You can visit her website here. She needed a model for some photos for her class and I had so much fun with her this afternoon. I won't bore you with a whole bunch of photos of myself so here's just three haha.

Oh & I am sorry I just don't blog as much as I used to.. it takes a lot of time! I post to instagram more often than I blog these days. Ooops.. (@madeline_vance)



Guys. This is life changing. 

My husband and I are both students right now, so spending $500 on a headboard is not exactly in our books these days. I've been wanting a headboard for a while now and I finally got around to it. The cost? $15. How amazing is that? We're only going to be in Idaho for a few more months so I wanted something temporary AND cheap.

The best part about this headboard? It's totally completely temporary. If I decide to change our room on a rainy day or when we move, I can do this all over again or even put new fabric on top of it. How cool is that?

It was literally SO simple. I got a big piece of cardboard (about 6 feet by 5 feet roughly). I was only going to use one piece but decided that if I double layered it, it would be a little better. I measured the width of my bed and how high I wanted it to get an idea of the shape. I used random objects from my house to trace it out. I used a mirror for the top dome, a straight edge for the sides, and a big bowl for the scalloped corner.
Hey look you get to see my messy house!

Then I used the first piece to trace out a second piece. I used duct tape along all of the edges to get them together.

I then bought 1 & 3/4 of a yard of batting from JoAnn Fabric. It was on sale 50% off (or they always have 50% off coupons to use). Total cost came to $7. I cut the batting about 3 inches around to fit the shape of the cardboard.

Okay this is where I apologize because I forgot to photograph the next few steps. I was just too giddy excited! I used duct tape (once again) to curl the batting over the cardboard. It only needs to cover one side!

Next I laid the batting-covered cardboard out on top of the fabric. I bought the fabric at Home Fabrics which is my FAV store ever. We have one in Idaho Falls luckily but they also have a bunch of them in Utah. I've been to them in Orem (Across from in-n-out) and Murray/Sandy area.  They have really high quality home fabrics for dirt cheap. (I'm talking anywhere from $5-$15 a yard) They come on a big bolt which is great because it's able to cover the entire headboard without having to sew two pieces of fabric together. I got 1 & 3/4 of a yard again and my total cost for that was $8.

I used a staple gun to staple the fabric around the headboard. Voila!

It was so simple. So easy. So fun. & I think it looks so cute! Especially for the price tag.

And had to include a picture of Elle because she's so darling.

If anyone decides to do this.. PLEASE comment and tell me how it goes! I want to see photos of other things people do! I also know you can make a more long-term headboard using wood and foam (but my dad's wood cutting machine thing is in Utah so I substituted with cardboard) The pro with using wood and foam is that you can make the headboard TUFTED. Oh I'm obsessed with anything tufted. Yay for fun DIYS.



Time is flying way too fast! It honestly feels like yesterday I was still pregnant but I have a three month old baby already.. How?! We are absolutely loving being parents. The night they handed Elle over to me all wrapped up, I was so overwhelmed with love. I thought that there was no way I could love her any more than I did holding her for the first time. What I didn't realize was that over the course of three months, I would become more attached to her and fall more in love with her that the love I felt three months ago would grow oh so much. We are obsessed with her to say the least!
(Side note: I had made these cute monthly templates to put on her pictures for my blog and instagram but for her last 3 months I have forgotten to use them.. I think I'm just going to give up and post plain pictures for now on haha)

I decided for her turning 3 months I would tell the story of how Tyler and I landed on the name Elle. It's actually pretty funny! I have loved the name Elle (pronounced "L") for as long as I can remember. My dad served his mission in France and fell in love with it there. My parents have been back more times than I have fingers, so as a result all of my sisters and I have French names. I kind of wanted to carry on the tradition, and from the moment we found out we were having a girl, Elle was the only girl name I even liked! I love it because it's so classy and timeless. Tyler didn't like it initially but I had a master plan. 

Over the course of 9 months I would randomly speak of our baby by calling her "Elle" and eventually it grew on Tyler. The funniest was when I had about 2 months of pregnancy left and he said, "so when Elle is born...." Then we both stopped & bursted out laughing. My plan worked! Eventually Tyler loved the name and "couldn't see her as anything other than Elle." We didn't talk about names too much my entire pregnancy other then when I would jokingly calling her Elle.

The morning after she was born my mom asked what we were going to name her! She knew that I loved Elle but Tyler and I really hadn't really talked about it too much. At that point I had honestly forgot we had to name her! The conversation went a little like this..

Tyler "So what should we name her? Let's just do Elle?"
Me "I don't know, should we?" (Choosing a name is kind of a big deal!)
Tyler, "Yeah! Why not!"

It was funny because of how really simple it was. The name Elle Sophia just fit her perfectly. We love her so much and are enjoying every day with her!



As a kid, I'm pretty sure we went to the pumpkin patch at least once each fall. Either for Family Home Evening or a field trip, we always went. When I told Tyler we needed to go and take Elle, he didn't even know what a pumpkin patch was! Apparently in Canada they don't have those.. because he had never been. 

We went to U-Pick Barn in Idaho Falls and it was the cutest little place!

It's a darling little old couple who owns it, and all of their grandsons work there. All of the money earned goes to their mission funds. How cute is that?

I love that fall is finally here! Last fall I couldn't stop making pumpkin flavored everything. Bread, pancakes, cupcakes, etc. This year I haven't done anything pumpkin and seeing all these pumpkins had Tyler asking for some yummy pumpkin treats! 

On another (totally random) note, I found this recipe for skinny cheesecake bars. Being a cheesecake lover, I had to try them. And guess what? They are AMAZING! I used coconut oil instead of butter for the crust and was blown away at how good they were. Anyways, just had to share. Happy fall!



So it's the end of the first week in October and I had to turn the cold air on! Can you believe that?! It has been SO beautiful in Rexburg and I am not complaining one bit.

So what did we do? Stayed in our pajamas and didn't get ready all day! (Excuse our untamed bed head) Is she not the most precious thing? 

The one productive thing I did today? This past weekend Tyler and I went to Utah for our church's semiannual general conference. My mom bought us two huge boxes of peaches and tomatoes. I made the most amazing homemade tomato basil marinara sauce for the freezer (for those days when you need a fast dinner) and baby food! 

I know what you're thinking, "baby food?" - yes! Elle is only under 3 months but she will be eating solids in about 3 months and so I made pureed peaches and pears for her to store in the freezer until January or so when she starts eating. The fruits are delicious right now because they're in season so I took full advantage of it!

I skinned the fruit, pureed them in my vitamix with a tiny squeeze of fresh lemon juice to help the fruit from browning, froze in ice cube trays, and voila! 1oz servings ready to go. They will be great for eating alone or mixing together with other purees like carrots, sweet potatoes, or any veggie I can disguise into those yummy fruits :)

Two claps for relaxing, semi-productive days!


Well you already know I'm obsessed with paddle boarding so while in Canada we went ANOTHER day up to Banff National Park to Lake Minnewanka with Tyler's dad and sister. Can I just say how gorgeous Alberta is?!

While in Banff, we ran into Tyler's dad's business partner's son (if that wasn't a mouthful I don't know what is) who is instafamous. Such an amazing photographer. Look at his pictures, you will be blown away! (@namkcaps) He let me play with his super duper ultra fancy camera and I was in heaven.

Oh, and have I mentioned that my husband is a Costco water bottle model? 

The next day we went to the Apple store and waited in line for the new iPhone with Tyler's parents. Not for us, but for them. I'm sticking with my old 5 for now...

Elle loved the 6 plus but we told her she was way too young.

Tyler's house is about 15 minutes from downtown Calgary so it was so fun to spend time in the city and go to lots of fun restaurants! I LOVE THIS CITY. Seriously. 

And I cannot forget the most amazing part of our trip. Okay, not really. But look at this thing:
There's a restaurant in Calgary called Moxie's and their white chocolate brownie is out of this world. I'm not even going to tell you how many calories is in it because I was googling a recipe for it when we got home and accidentally came across how many calories it has. I wish I didn't know. I really do. Anyways, it's phenomenal. So good that we went 4 times in 10 days. Yikes.

I wanted to try to take a photo of each meal we ate, mostly because I am weird like that and have a strange love for food, but only did it for the first few days. Plus, who wants to take a picture of their delicious meal before eating it? Not I! Here's the few I did get though. I'm hungry just looking at these...
And there's our trip in a brief recap! Counting down the days until we get to return!