Notice my spelling there, eh? ^ :) Let me just start by saying that if you are able to make it all of the way through this post, let alone find it interesting, you deserve ten gold stars and a donut because I'm not sure how I would if I were you! My blog is pretty much our little families online journal - I can't wait to get it all printed out eventually because it truly is filled with so many details of our lives! Nevertheless, sometimes I think maybe I should just make my blog private because I'm not quite sure how anyone besides our close family and friends would find it the least bit interesting but hey! It's been a great thing for us so we will continue with it as of now :)

Elle slept almost the entire time on the way there which made me EXTREMELY nervous. I wanted her to sleep at night (she sleeps at night = I sleep at night) and she ended up sleeping perfectly that night which was a huge relief! Angel baby I tell you.

No matter how many times I cross the border it will forever make me super nervous. We cross at Sweet Grass/Coutts which is apparently a stricter border so maybe that has something to do with it. The border dudes scare the daylight outta me!

Once we crossed, Tyler switched our car over to kilometers but I hadn't realized it. I was like, "Holy cow - slow down Ty!" Haha turns out wasn't that fast anyways.

Tyler's dad bought paddle boards so we tried them out one day and fell in love. We did not anticipate using them so much this trip. My mother-in-law and sister-in-laws would watch Elle so Tyler and I could go and it was so much fun. Tyler's backyard looks over the bow river so it made paddle boarding super convenient! 

I have been dying to go to Lake Louise so we ended up doing that as well. Talk about stunning!

I had seen pictures of it on Pinterest over the years and even before meeting Ty I knew I wanted to go there. When we walked up to it, I literally gasped because it looks just like this in real life. I was so amazed!

Elle has been spoiled ALL week by her grandparents and aunts who adore her. Baths, galore! Elle got this darling swimsuit from my friend Aubrey so Emma (my sister-in-law) who loves swimming took her "swimming" in the tub :)

I'll update more of the trip when we get home! It's been wonderful!


Our 36 hour trip to Utah was short but sweet. My parents are in Kirkland, Ohio at some church history sites so Tyler and I have been staying in their room. My little sister Isabelle & her friend Heather walked in, in their swimsuits. Apparently Heather's hot tub wasn't working so they wanted to fill up my parent's tub with hot water to make their own hot tub. Haha so strange but whatever! Tyler and I were laying in my parents bed watching a movie when I took Elle in there to see what they were up to. It all started with dipped toes, and before we knew it Elle & I had joined! 

My little sister also found her old build-a-bear's sunglasses that we put on Elle - they were her perfect size! It was SO funny. We couldn't stop laughing!

We're now in Canada and have been having so much fun! Too much fun to stop and blog, oops! :)



We are taking a quick trip to Utah again (surprise!) so that Tyler can take his MCAT! He took it this morning and I am so proud of him. He finds out his score in one month, but because the MCAT is changing in 2015, he is taking off the fall semester to study for it so that he can take it one last time before it's a lot more difficult with the addition of biochemistry and some psychology. We decided to celebrate after he took it this morning at Tamarack - a new restaurant in Provo that we have heard SO much about. 

Oh my. Where to even start. Everything about our dinner was phenomenal. I'm already wishing I could eat it all over again and we haven't even been home an hour. :) It's that good. 

If you're near Provo you seriously MUST stop by. So delicious & the decor is beautiful.

On a side note, we've had a few people tell us that taking Elle with us on dates doesn't classify them as "dates". I actually really disagree because bringing Elle is so much fun for us!

Half the time she sleeps so we get our alone time, and we are just so obsessed with her that we are those parents who struggle to leave their baby home :) I love our little family!



I've always loved photos. Since I can remember! Elle changes so much every single week that I want to wait a little longer until we pay to get professional photos done (because they would already look outdated by the time we got them back!) but I needed something to tie me over so we borrowed a tripod from our sweet neighbors and snapped a couple pictures literally 30 steps from our apartment. I told Tyler that if he dedicated 30 minutes to doing this with no complaining that I would go mountain biking with him this weekend in Utah and next week in Canada. He was all over that idea! Win-win, baby!



Sooo we are back in Idaho! Finally! We haven't had wifi at our apartment - long story - but it will be back Friday! To recap a little - we finished our fun trip to Park City with my family and we were sad to leave. Sunday in Park City, in walked Mitt & Ann Romney. Yeah I whipped out my camera to take a picture, it's a once in a lifetime experience people!

Sunday afternoon, we RELAXED! Part of me felt a little guilty for not being one bit productive. But that thought got disrupted by cupcake wars real fast.

Tyler convinced me to go on a bike ride with him and I'm pretty sure his entire life was made. He loved it so much & it was so funny how HAPPY he was, so the next morning we went on another more intense mountain bike ride. I was not loving it (my dad is obsessed so he tried getting me into mountain biking as a kid. Ya know, bought a nice bike for me for Christmas every few years.. once again, sorry dad!) The ride was alright, but the company was even better. I'll keep biking every once in a while, but only out of true love for my husband!

Last time my sister and dad were in France they picked this up for me and I haven't made them because the instructions were in french! I tried to translate them a few months back but the box was using lingo that the translator didn't understand so it was a no-go. So I brought them up so my dad could translate for me! 
They were a TOTAL FAIL. So bad I didn't even take pictures. We barely even ate them. Haha learned my lesson. I think I'll stick to paying a whopping $3 for a teeny tiny cookie instead of making them. Either that or hire Meg Livingston.

The next day we were able to go pick up one of my favorite cousins to take him to the MTC! He flew all the way from Abu Dhabi so it was really neat to be the ones who got to drop him off! After we picked him up at the airport we spent some time on temple square and went to City Creek as well. 

Elder Merrill will be the best missionary. So happy for him!