For Labor Day weekend, my parents rented a little vacation home in Deer Valley for us to spend the weekend at! My family has a timeshare up here so coming to Park City brings back nothing but the fondest of memories from growing up! I love this cute little town and it's so fun for me to bring Tyler here. There is really so much to do, even in the off season when there isn't any snow! 

We started Friday with stopping at the ever famous Granny's in Heber City on the way up to share a cookies and cream milkshake. So yummy! It was gone so fast that I didn't even get a picture. We arrived, got unpacked, and had the most amazing bruschetta for dinner - one of my favorite things ever! We ran to get Tyler some new basketball shoes and lounged for the rest of the night. Tyler and I don't have a T.V. at our apartment back home (which has actually been a really great thing believe it or not - saves us so much money and we don't waste so much time on it because believe me, if we had one we would be so lazy) so we loved watching cooking shows and ESPN all night - you can piece together who watched what :) 

Yesterday, Tyler and my dad went mountain biking while us girls went shopping! We all met up at Kneaders for lunch then spent about 2 hours next door at World Market which is a long-time tradition whenever we come to Park City. That night.. or last night I guess, Tyler and I tried (key word there) to take a date night on Main Street. 
It ended up being kind of a disaster which was not funny at the time, but we're laughing about it now! 

To start, we couldn't find parking. After 30 minutes we finally did find a spot and the sun was setting so it started to get pretty chilly which made us worry about Elle! Our plan was to find a nice restaurant and just grab some dessert. The problem was that we didn't do any planning ahead of time so when we got there we couldn't find a place that looked good that would be newborn friendly.. so we took pictures instead and called our "walk" a date :)
Elle started fussing at this point so we called it a night. We got home pretty disappointment and my mom knew that we were bummed about how our date night turned out so she went and brought dessert to us which was so nice. If you're anything like us, calories don't count on the weekends so we enjoyed our dessert guilt-free :) It's been a wonderful weekend this far - full of being lazy and spending time with family & it doesn't get better than that!


  1. I love Park City! My favorite thing to do there is hit the outlets and then grab some pizza at Davanza's. Mmmmm. And calories never count on weekends or date nights, so you're totally safe. Glad you had a fun trip! I miss the chill of fall in Utah (and I'm sure it's great in Idaho to), so enjoy every minute of it!

  2. oh madeline you are the more adorable mom that this world has ever seen. good for you for at least trying to still have date night with a baby - and the 3 of you will get the hang of it soon i'm sure!

    ps, world market is what dreams are made of. what a great tradition! xoxo