Elle is one month old! The past 4 weeks have been a huge adjustment but I honestly cannot imagine how I lived so long without her in my life! Elle gets startled very easily from any noise from shutting a cupboard to even when I start talking, makes the CUTEST little sound after she sneezes, (wow.. I've become THAT mom…), is very strong - can lift her head up, sleeps 4 hour stretches at night if we're lucky and is our favorite little lady. What I’ve learned in my 30 days of being a mom:
- That first time they wheel in your new baby & hand him/her over to you…. It’s normal to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. But don’t worry – cavemen raised children. You can too.

- Babies are actually very durable. In the hospital I was practically tapping Elle’s back when trying to burp her. I soon learned that babies aren’t porcelain dolls – they’re real humans that can flex, bounce & bend without breaking.

- Don’t go overboard buying cute baby clothes. (This one is more for myself) They spit up & poop on everything and no outfit lasts for more than twenty minutes. If that. Just buy a million diapers & white onsies. You are good to go. Now it's time to practice what I preach. 

- Enjoy the time! I 100% encourage spending your days cuddling and snuggling your little one. The time passes so quickly (I’m already figuring that out) so soak in every moment with your sweet babe.

- Babies make everything take ten times longer than it needs to. I finally got to church yesterday (one hour late) & I’m slowly realizing I need to be better at planning ahead.

- Showering makes all the difference. If your husband can watch the baby for 30 minutes while you quickly shower (& even get ready if you’re feeling up to it) then take advantage of it! It’s easy to feel like your needs are nonexistent, so to be able to do something for yourself like that once a day makes a huge difference.

- Little layette gowns (like this) will save your life. Buy 100 of them. My mom told me they would but I didn’t listen because I had found cuter PJs. Seriously – when you are a zombie at 3am and need to change a diaper, there is no time for buttons & zippers. Stick with the elastic bottoms that get you back to your sweet sleep quickly.

- Being a mom is my favorite. Having a little baby that is half you & half the one you love most is the best thing.


  1. Okay Madeline Vance. HER OUTFIT!!! Seriously the most adorable thing i've ever seen.

  2. really madeline - elle is the most adorable little girl! and i love how positive you are about mother-hood, through the hardships. you are wonderful! xoxo

  3. My mom told me the same thing about the gowns with no buttons or zippers, so I have a whole drawer of them awaiting her arrival!

  4. How is she a month old already?! And seriously, she has the cutest closet full of clothes already and a big smile to complete every outfit. :)

  5. she is so little! i love the headbands you have her in all the time. so cute.
    the little diary

  6. Ah! She is so cute! Someone tell her to stop growing, please! And I'm definitely saving these for later. I will need all the advice I can get when the time comes.