Tyler and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on Wednesday, only 9 days after Elle was born! We sure didn't mess around with having Elle so quickly after we got married & we wouldn't want it ANY other way. Elle has brought so much happiness to our lives and has opened up parts of our hearts we never knew possible. Because our families were still in town, our moms watched Elle while we went on a date to our favorite restaurant in Idaho Falls - Stockmans Steakhouse. It was so yummy and really nice to get out of the house. It was my first outing other than a few doctors appointments in Rexburg throughout the week & so it felt ahhhmazing to spend some time with Tyler.

We are realizing that spending time together just gained a new dynamic. We both actually really missed Elle on our date & kept talking about how fun it will be to take her on our dates each week. Our favorite part about Stockmans is their cheesecake. I swear, it's better than Cheesecake Factory! Who knew there would be such amazing cheesecake in Idaho Falls? Not us, but we are so glad we found it! It's one of our favorite date night spots.

It's Sunday & because Tyler is the 1st counselor in our ward, he spends a lot of the day on Sundays at church. I stayed home with Elle because I am still recovering and it is just not the same not going to church on Sundays! I am SO looking forward to returning hopefully next week! This morning was my first morning without the help of my cute mom. (She's gone BOO HOO, I cried when she left yesterday. She is an angel) She would watch Elle while I showered and got ready each morning so I had to get creative this morning when I was on my own. I ended up wheeling in her bassinet into the bathroom while I quickly showered - haha. I peeped out every couple seconds to make sure she was okay. It was a sight I am sure! Elle makes the funniest faces - some cuter than others :) We DIE laughing at all of them! Here's a few pictures I took this morning of some of Elle's most famous faces:

Scowling Elle

Chill Elle

Yawning Elle 

"Why are you taking a million pictures of me?" Elle

Happy Sunday!!


  1. she is absolutely perfect! congrats momma!!


  2. I seriously can't get enough, you're killing me!

  3. The yawning face is SOOOOO cute. Perfect little baby right there :)

  4. I think she looks like your husband :)

  5. Elle is the cutest thing. I can't even handle it. It's so funny how similar our marriage-to-baby ratio is! Our first anniversary was three days before Ezra was born. We waited a couple weeks after he was born because I didn't really feel like doing much being over 40 weeks pregnant. ;) And now we're about to celebrate our third anniversary next week! So crazy. You guys just keep enjoying that sweet, little girl of yours because sooner than you think, she'll be a busy toddler! It looks like you guys had a blast!


  6. I cannot believe how much hair she has!

  7. HER HEADBANDS. seriously, she is so cute! i'm not even trying to be nice, i'm just being honest!
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