For Labor Day weekend, my parents rented a little vacation home in Deer Valley for us to spend the weekend at! My family has a timeshare up here so coming to Park City brings back nothing but the fondest of memories from growing up! I love this cute little town and it's so fun for me to bring Tyler here. There is really so much to do, even in the off season when there isn't any snow! 

We started Friday with stopping at the ever famous Granny's in Heber City on the way up to share a cookies and cream milkshake. So yummy! It was gone so fast that I didn't even get a picture. We arrived, got unpacked, and had the most amazing bruschetta for dinner - one of my favorite things ever! We ran to get Tyler some new basketball shoes and lounged for the rest of the night. Tyler and I don't have a T.V. at our apartment back home (which has actually been a really great thing believe it or not - saves us so much money and we don't waste so much time on it because believe me, if we had one we would be so lazy) so we loved watching cooking shows and ESPN all night - you can piece together who watched what :) 

Yesterday, Tyler and my dad went mountain biking while us girls went shopping! We all met up at Kneaders for lunch then spent about 2 hours next door at World Market which is a long-time tradition whenever we come to Park City. That night.. or last night I guess, Tyler and I tried (key word there) to take a date night on Main Street. 
It ended up being kind of a disaster which was not funny at the time, but we're laughing about it now! 

To start, we couldn't find parking. After 30 minutes we finally did find a spot and the sun was setting so it started to get pretty chilly which made us worry about Elle! Our plan was to find a nice restaurant and just grab some dessert. The problem was that we didn't do any planning ahead of time so when we got there we couldn't find a place that looked good that would be newborn friendly.. so we took pictures instead and called our "walk" a date :)
Elle started fussing at this point so we called it a night. We got home pretty disappointment and my mom knew that we were bummed about how our date night turned out so she went and brought dessert to us which was so nice. If you're anything like us, calories don't count on the weekends so we enjoyed our dessert guilt-free :) It's been a wonderful weekend this far - full of being lazy and spending time with family & it doesn't get better than that!



This past weekend we decided to tackle another item on our bucket list for the last 4 months we will be living in Idaho! 

There's a fun camping park along the Snake River in Idaho called Beaver Dick. I know, weird name. But that's what it's called. I'm not really a camping girl (sorry dad!) so we settled on making tin foil dinners there. It was so much fun and we love taking Elle along on these little dates.

^ Notice the kitchen chairs. It was Tyler's job to pack up the supplies and we got in the car on the road and I looked back to see two kitchen chairs?? Hahaha. Men….

On another note, there is a new Indian restaurant in Idaho Falls and I could cry I am so happy. 
I can now live here happily for the next 4 months!!!!! (Can you tell I am excited?) 

The hardest part of living in Idaho for me has been the lack of….. THINGS. I sound very materialistic. That's not good. But in all reality - I miss good restaurants and…. people. I love the busyness of living in a city (Is Orem, Utah even classified as a city haha?) Although the simplicity of life here is wonderful, there are surely aspects of living in Utah that I miss.
Indian food is surely one of them.

Also - are these two not the sweetest? Heart overflowing.



Elle is one month old! The past 4 weeks have been a huge adjustment but I honestly cannot imagine how I lived so long without her in my life! Elle gets startled very easily from any noise from shutting a cupboard to even when I start talking, makes the CUTEST little sound after she sneezes, (wow.. I've become THAT mom…), is very strong - can lift her head up, sleeps 4 hour stretches at night if we're lucky and is our favorite little lady. What I’ve learned in my 30 days of being a mom:
- That first time they wheel in your new baby & hand him/her over to you…. It’s normal to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. But don’t worry – cavemen raised children. You can too.

- Babies are actually very durable. In the hospital I was practically tapping Elle’s back when trying to burp her. I soon learned that babies aren’t porcelain dolls – they’re real humans that can flex, bounce & bend without breaking.

- Don’t go overboard buying cute baby clothes. (This one is more for myself) They spit up & poop on everything and no outfit lasts for more than twenty minutes. If that. Just buy a million diapers & white onsies. You are good to go. Now it's time to practice what I preach. 

- Enjoy the time! I 100% encourage spending your days cuddling and snuggling your little one. The time passes so quickly (I’m already figuring that out) so soak in every moment with your sweet babe.

- Babies make everything take ten times longer than it needs to. I finally got to church yesterday (one hour late) & I’m slowly realizing I need to be better at planning ahead.

- Showering makes all the difference. If your husband can watch the baby for 30 minutes while you quickly shower (& even get ready if you’re feeling up to it) then take advantage of it! It’s easy to feel like your needs are nonexistent, so to be able to do something for yourself like that once a day makes a huge difference.

- Little layette gowns (like this) will save your life. Buy 100 of them. My mom told me they would but I didn’t listen because I had found cuter PJs. Seriously – when you are a zombie at 3am and need to change a diaper, there is no time for buttons & zippers. Stick with the elastic bottoms that get you back to your sweet sleep quickly.

- Being a mom is my favorite. Having a little baby that is half you & half the one you love most is the best thing.



Okay can someone just stop time for like ten minutes - how in the world is my baby already 3 and a half weeks old?! Part of me is so excited to watch Elle grow up and develop her own little personality over time but another part of me just wants her to stay in this little newborn stage for forever! She is so precious and yesterday Tyler and I started to notice that she has definitely grown since she was born and it was a little sad! Time really does fly and this is my justification for taking a million plus photos everyday. Memories, people!

In all reality, being a mom is the absolute best. We are SO lucky to have Elle in our lives. The sleepless nights, lack of showering (gross I know, but it's a real struggle finding time for them believe it or not), and being covered in spit-up - it's all worth it! 

Other new parents we knew warned us that the sleep aspect of being a parent was the hardest part. This was really discouraging to me because I am a girl who NEEDS.. no seriously, must have my sleep. The first couple weeks are not bad at all because you are on an adrenaline rush. Just in the past couple days the lack of sleep has finally started to catch up on me. It's really tiring to get up every couple hours (and don't get me wrong because I have a dream baby who will some nights go 5 hours solid) but it's all so worth it. Last night, Elle woke up at 2am and was WIDE awake. These poor babies come to earth with their days and nights mixed up so it's not like she knows any better! She was rested and ready to play! I was a complete zombie and as I was feeding her, I looked down and her big eyes were staring up at me. I realized in that moment that sure I was tired and would have loved to have gone back to sleep, but seeing her and how much she relies on me and really needs me made it ALL TOTALLY worth it. 

I feel so so fortunate that breastfeeding has gone so smoothly for me because I know that for a lot of people it can be a real struggle. I kind of mentally prepared myself that I would have a hard time with it, so when I didn't, I was so pleasantly surprised. The night she was born, Elle latched right on & I instantly fell in LOVE with breastfeeding. You feel so close to your baby & it's really very special. I didn't expect to love it so much. In the hospital, one of my breasts became engorged which was pretty painful. I kept nursing on that side and within a day or two it went away. I remember clenching my fists as she would feed on that side but feeding anyways was what helped it to heal! That has really been my only struggle thus far. 

On another note to future moms, I recommend getting a nursing bra at least a cup size larger because I grew probably two cup sizes when my milk came in (which was on day 3 or 4 after she was born). Cheers to no longer looking like a twelve year old! Breastfeeding also does wonders when it comes to loosing that extra baby weight. I have already lost all of the weight I gained plus 5 pounds, and I haven't exercised one bit so I know it's not from that!

I'm really doing very well! My incision feels great and it no longer hurts so bad to sit up and down at night when getting up to feed Elle. I was pretty nervous for all of the postpartum hormones that would come after Elle was born but I think because we had family to help us it really made a difference. They were able to lift my spirits, keep me preoccupied laughing, and reassure me that I was doing a good job. That's really all I needed & it made all the difference. Of course, I still had a couple meltdowns but that is SO normal. I remember crying last week and Tyler saying, "What's wrong sweetheart?" and I responded telling him that I had no idea why I was crying, I just was. That has happened many, many times haha and nothing cures those hormones better than a good cry!

Excuse this scattered blog post. But on another note, I took Elle with me to Idaho Falls for grocery shopping and errands for the first time on Monday. I was alone - and very scared! 

Tyler was job shadowing a doctor from 2:30-4 so I dropped him off and was going to run to Target and Sam's club in that hour and a half. Boy was I wrong! I was only able to make it to Target and Elle was pretty good until she decided she was hungry and started screaming. That poor little newborn cry pulls at my heart strings like none other! It makes me so nervous and I know all you moms know what I am talking about. It was a quiiiiick trip to Target, probably the fastest in my personal history. Next time, I'm brining my husband for any type of errand until I master this whole being-a-mom thing! (either that or gain some confidence!)



We decided to bless Elle this last Sunday at the home ward I grew up in! Tyler had a lot of family in town from Canada that wouldn't have been able to come if we had waited to bless her in Idaho, so we decided to go for it even though Elle was a wee three weeks old! 

Elle's dress is Little Things Mean A Lot and we got an amazing deal on it. I had seen this dress online for an outrageous amount of money but the warehouse for the company is in Utah, so my mom went down to it & worked some serious magic. The dress was discontinued because the manufacturer for the lace had stopped making this particular kind of lace, but my mom was super nice (ya know, kill em with kindness?) to the lady at the office & she ended up selling us the last dress which was a sample. 

Like I said we got an amazing deal on it and I wish that the pictures I took did this dress justice. It looks even more beautiful in person & I know it's something we will keep for forever and hopefully pass down!

We then had all of our families over to my parents house for a light lunch. It was so much fun! 

My best friend Ashlyn came over (because she is family of course) and took my camera during the lunch to snap some pictures. I am posting this picture in her honor because she kept trying to get pictures of me eating and it's very flattering, let me tell you!

And of course, a three generation photo with my mom and g-ma!

It really was a perfect day (other than the fact that Elle peed and pooped all in her dress moments after the above photo was taken. Haha, ohh the reality of motherhood :) ) The weather was wonderful, her blessing was beautiful & what is better than time with family?! We feel so blessed!



Tyler, Elle & I have been in Utah for the past week and it has been so fun to spend time at my parents with my family and have my in-laws in town as well! Double the family, double the fun. Tyler's cousin Stephanie, who is the one that set us up, got married so we mainly went down for her wedding. We were in Utah for 6 days and crammed so much in - but isn't that how it always goes?? It was my mom's birthday, the wedding, Tyler's grandparents went into the MTC (they're going to Ghana, Africa - how cool is that?) & we are blessed Elle on Sunday. Craziness! We laugh that one of these times we come to Utah, we will have NO plans so that we can just relax! It seems as if our days were booked full running a million miles an hour but we love it. Another plus of visiting home is the view outside my parents house. I forget how much I loved living so close to the mountains - they are truly breathtaking! 

One day we went shopping with Tyler's family (& my little sister tagged along) for everyone to find clothes for the wedding. I was pretty nervous about how Elle would do. She was an angel! She slept the entire time and we all had so much fun.

And lastly, the wedding! Oh - the wedding. I don't even know where to begin except for the fact that it was the most stunning wedding I have ever attended. It was so fun to spend the day with family celebrating a new addition & we are so happy for Ben and Stephanie! We feel lucky that my family gets along so well with my in-laws because my mom was also able to come and help us out with Elle. Thank goodness for moms! (I felt so lucky to have two with me all day!)

The wedding luncheon was at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Why oh why did I not take a single photo!? It was beautiful, delicious, and so much fun. The wedding dinner was at The Joseph Smith Memorial Bulding in SLC as well and everything about it was absolutely breathtaking. They flew in the flowers from Ecuador & everything about the entire dinner was stunning. There was so much attention to detail and I'm sure Tyler didn't understand why I was gah-gahing over every little detail. I wish I would have gotten more photos but we were having so much fun that I only took a couple. 

There is something about weddings that just makes me so happy. I love that they bring people together & this wedding did just that. I am so lucky to be married into the most phenomenal family! Although it was hard to leave our family, it's also very nice to be back home :) It's our first time without any help from parents, so Tyler and I start this whole motherhood/fatherhood SOLO thing today - wish us luck!!



Tyler and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on Wednesday, only 9 days after Elle was born! We sure didn't mess around with having Elle so quickly after we got married & we wouldn't want it ANY other way. Elle has brought so much happiness to our lives and has opened up parts of our hearts we never knew possible. Because our families were still in town, our moms watched Elle while we went on a date to our favorite restaurant in Idaho Falls - Stockmans Steakhouse. It was so yummy and really nice to get out of the house. It was my first outing other than a few doctors appointments in Rexburg throughout the week & so it felt ahhhmazing to spend some time with Tyler.

We are realizing that spending time together just gained a new dynamic. We both actually really missed Elle on our date & kept talking about how fun it will be to take her on our dates each week. Our favorite part about Stockmans is their cheesecake. I swear, it's better than Cheesecake Factory! Who knew there would be such amazing cheesecake in Idaho Falls? Not us, but we are so glad we found it! It's one of our favorite date night spots.

It's Sunday & because Tyler is the 1st counselor in our ward, he spends a lot of the day on Sundays at church. I stayed home with Elle because I am still recovering and it is just not the same not going to church on Sundays! I am SO looking forward to returning hopefully next week! This morning was my first morning without the help of my cute mom. (She's gone BOO HOO, I cried when she left yesterday. She is an angel) She would watch Elle while I showered and got ready each morning so I had to get creative this morning when I was on my own. I ended up wheeling in her bassinet into the bathroom while I quickly showered - haha. I peeped out every couple seconds to make sure she was okay. It was a sight I am sure! Elle makes the funniest faces - some cuter than others :) We DIE laughing at all of them! Here's a few pictures I took this morning of some of Elle's most famous faces:

Scowling Elle

Chill Elle

Yawning Elle 

"Why are you taking a million pictures of me?" Elle

Happy Sunday!!