Elle has been here for one week and we are still loving every bit of having her here! Our first night home with her was pretty rough. She was bright eyed and awake a lot of the night. Luckily, she doesn't cry much. But, she was squirming, clearly uncomfortable, and wouldn't go to bed - so we couldn't go to bed. Both Tyler and I looked at each other at one point at about 3:30am and said, "We can't do this!" We were complete zombies and knew that we wouldn't survive that type of lifestyle. Haha! Well - the morning always comes & we did our best the next day to keep Elle up from about 5pm until 8pm which was part of our newly devised plan to get some sleep our second night. Sure enough we were able to keep her up starting around 5pm or so, and when 8pm rolled around, we fed her, burped her & she went right to sleep. We went to sleep, even though it was early, and we were able to sleep until about 11:30pm when we woke up to her fussing. (Thus far we have been blessed with a baby who only fusses when something is wrong. Whether it be hungry, dirty diaper or trying to get a burp up) So when she woke up around 11:30pm, I fed her and she went right back to sleep! She woke up again around 2am and 5am and I was able to quickly feed her, burp her, and get her right to sleep. Because it was so easy, I didnt even wake Tyler up to do those quick feedings. The next morning Tyler exclaimed, "Last night was amazing! We have a perfect baby!" Haha we laughed - I wouldn't say it was necessarily amazing because I was still up a couple hours with feeding her, but she was MUCH, much better & we say a prayer of gratitude every day for such a great baby. Moral of the story is that we decided we actually CAN do this! Obviously she is a human and will have bad days and fussy nights - we're sure of that - but we are realizing that it's all doable.

^She does this little scowl & it's so precious.

The hardest part of it all has been getting up and down to feed her in the night with my sore incision from my c-section. I can only imagine how it will be when it is finally healed up - I can do this! On another note, one of the best things about having our sweet Elle with us now is watching Tyler be a daddy, something I was so excited for from the beginning and something that I know he was scared about. Tyler had always been so excited to be a father, but he also wasn’t afraid to tell me about his worries and insecurities when it came to actually becoming a father. Seeing the love on his face for Elle the moment she was born, and the way he cradles and looks at her absolutely melts my heart in a way I have never felt before. I love him so much for this lifelong role he has stepped into and already, and he is the best father for Elle that I could ever ask for!

I have started writing a birth story - but it still has a lot of work. I had no idea that babies slept as much as they do so I definitely have the time to write it, it's just been a matter of actually doing it! But i'll finish eventually :) 



Well, they finally kicked us out of the hospital. I always heard you are so ready to get out once the time comes, and I so see where that comes from, but I was also a little sad! 

We loved our nurses & it was so nice to have them there for questions. And the hospital bed? The hospital bed! Don't even get me started. It was so nice and I loved the remote that made it move into whatever position haha, it made getting up & down so much easier on my scar that is healing up. 

Elle is the BEST baby! We are trying to not get too used to it because she can't be this perfect all the time. Right? She rarely cries, loves to cuddle, sleep, eat & her life is a continual cycle of just that. Our days are spent just cuddling her and resting. The c-section was wonderful, but it does require a lot of resting. We love on her all day & she is so cuddly which makes it so enjoyable. 

Both my family and my in-laws are in town helping us. (They're best friends, remember? So it's been so much fun for everyone) They have gone above and beyond helping us. My mom spent the past couple days when she wasn't with us at the hospital filling our freezer with homemade meals, completely scrubbing our entire house, ironing all of our clothes, the list goes on. My father-in-law has been working doing a ton of work on our cars and my mother-in-law filled our fridge with tons of yummy food for when we arrived back home. We feel so blessed and are so grateful for all they have done for us!

They have all spent most of their time the last few days with us in our hospital room drooling over Elle. Tyler & I's little sisters just adore her and it's so cute to watch. 

We always have some sort of camera out and we all keep laughing that this girl will have her entire life documented! 



She's here! And we couldn't be more over the moon!

Elle Sophia Vance
July 21, 2014 - 8:31 p.m. 
6 pounds & 17 3/4 inches long

Everything went absolutely perfect and we are completely gaga over our little girl. I was very nervous for it all and I seriously LOVED my c-section. I would do it over again in a heartbeat! More to come soon!



This post is a few weeks overdue but it was just so much fun that I have to document it, even though it's late. Since being pregnant & being in classes all day (20 credit hours, again - grrr) I get home and am pretty much just so tired haha. Tyler and I were talking a few weeks ago and he said something about wishing we could do more "outdoorsy" things. Haha - typical boy :) Not going to lie.. when he said that.. in my head I was thinking, "Well too bad you have a tired preggy wifey…" But honestly, he had a point because getting outside always feels so good, even when it's hard for me to initially do it. 

Now my mom is kind of anti-yard sales but my grandma just loves them, so I have many fond memories of tagging along with her on Saturday mornings in the summer growing up. I went with her a few years ago when I was in high school & I found this adorable picnic basket for $2 and have been dying for an excuse to put it to use! It was a win-win.

I decided to plan a surprise activity for our family home evening and it turned out so perfect. A picnic in the park! I surprised him with all of his favorite (not so healthy) foods like a donut with milk, coke, martinelli's and sweet onion chips. 

After our little picnic, we threw a football around and took a walk around Porter Park & it was so so much fun. We both kept saying, "Now why don't we do this every single week!?" We can't wait for our baby to come so we can bring her along with us in her little stroller :) 



The girl who does all she can to avoid getting a flu shot each fall is going to birth a baby in a few short days... Yikes. How is this pregnancy almost over?! It has gone by oh so fast and it's definitely bittersweet. Yesterday was so crazy, and I'm still letting everything sink in. I had my 39 week appointment, and I went in crossing my fingers I would be even just a little bit dilated because my braxton hicks have been getting so strong! (Feeling them a few times each hour - they pretty much feel like my stomach turns to a rock plus menstrual cramps) We knew we were going to be getting an ultrasound because last time my doctor was wondering why baby girl had been staying on the right side of my belly my entire pregnancy. We walked in and the ultrasound tech said, "So let's figure out if she's breach or not!" I responded saying, "Oh we know she's not, this is just to see why she is on the right side all of the time." The tech said, "Hmm.. that's not usually why we do these but I guess we'll see!" I didn't think a thing of it. But moments later when she said, "Sure enough, she's breech!" I think both Tyler and I were completely shocked! She measured my amniotic fluid, which was very low and then told us we would probably be delivering this baby either that day or tomorrow. At this point Tyler and I started to freak out! All of my wishing that time would speed up stopped in that moment and I just wanted things to slow down for half a second. We did a non stress test (they hook you up to a machine and monitor the baby's heartbeat and your contractions) for 30 minutes or so to make sure the baby was okay. I was dying of thirst but the nurse explained I couldn't have a drink because I was likely going to be getting a c-section later that day. 

We finally met with my doctor who (thankfully) told us that because our baby seemed healthy, we could wait until next week if we wanted to schedule the c-section. The chances of her flipping are slim-to-none because my amniotic fluid is so low (which also explains why my belly does not seem as big as I thought it would be by now). I am still very nervous about the whole c-section thing, including the recovery aspect of it all, but I am also a little happy because now the process of actually having her won’t come as such a surprise! We will be able to know when it’s happening - & being prepared in that sense makes me a little relieved. We just want our girl to get here safe & sound, and if that means c-section, so be it!

There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to let go of Tyler and I’s “us” time. Being married to him is the best thing in the whole world and we’ve got our life set into sort of a norm by now, and it’s a little scary thinking that in less than a few short days, everything will be shaken up in our routine. 

I love waking up early in the morning and turning over to see Tyler next to me. I love laying in bed each morning for 20 minutes just talking. I love making breakfast together, getting ready together, driving to school together, studying together, meeting up between classes, and our daily lunch breaks. I love our late night craving caves where we spontaneously go grab cupcakes, ice cream, snow cones or McDonalds sodas. (We like healthy treats, I know). Life just seems so very perfect and I don’t think that I really expected it to be so wonderful. I figured that the height of our relationship would be our wedding, and then from there it would slowly decline over time as the termed “honeymoon phase” faded over the years. No one ever told us that it would just get BETTER and better every single day & that has been such a pleasant surprise. I thought I was happy on the day we got married, but let me tell you, I’m a billion times happier now than I was then! Tyler and I had a long chat last night and we realized that yes, life is going to change. And it's going to change fast! But, this life is all about families. That is why we are here! We could continue to live our perfect life, or we could add to it and make it even better. Tyler said to me, "Yeah, life's going to change, but think about it. We can still do all the same things, we'll just do them with our little sidekick!" We're so excited for this new chapter in our lives and I couldn't be more grateful to do it all with my very best friend and the man I love the very most.



How far along? 38 weeks! This could be my last bumpdate, ya never know! (But let's be real, I probably just jinxed myself just by saying that..)
Cravings? Spaghetti, spaghetti, and more spaghetti!
Weight gain? 20 pounds!
Stretch marks? Yes, I finally got some on my lower belly. At first I was like noooo but then I realized that my body is so amazing to be able to grow another human, and really they're not that bad. :)
Sleep? Other than being so hot all the time, good! (I now get why people would say 'Good luck being pregnant in the summer!' - ha!)

All in all, I'm just SO ready and SO done being pregnant. It's been too much waiting, and we are to the point where we just want to meet our little girl already! I know i've been saying that for a few months, but I really mean it this time :) I'm so curious as to what she is going to look like, how much she will weigh (crossing my fingers for a 6 pounder because my belly honestly is not that big haha), and getting to know her sweet personality. It's such a blessing to have been able to grow a baby in my body. I seriously cannot believe how amazing women's bodies are. 

I had my 38 week appt. yesterday and my doctor said my cervix is still completely shut. Ugh. I was so bummed. I wanted to say "Are you suuuure?" He said I am maybe about 25% effaced, but still not many signs of baby coming. I started getting braxton hicks contractions about 30 weeks or so, but now they come sometimes every ten minutes and boy do they come on strong! Sometimes I struggle even walking through them. I had convinced myself that because I had been feeling them that it would mean birth was just around the corner, but I was wrong. In addition, my entire pregnancy, baby girl has been hugging my right side and when he felt around at my appointment she was sure enough hugging the right side. Luckily she's head down, but the doctor wants to do an ultrasound next Friday to take a more in depth look so I'm crossing my fingers that she moves to a better birthing position but I'm also so secretly happy to get an ultrasound at 39 weeks.  Here's to the home stretch! 

This morning, I woke up bright and early and headed down with my Child & Advocacy class to SLC for a field trip. 
It was SO much fun and made me want to do more to stand up for what I believe in. We met with the head of the LDS Church's social media/public relations guy who talked to us all about how the church handles all the (good and bad) media. It was so interesting. Then we also spent some time on temple square, watched the most amazing video on The Proclamation (which they said is only available to watch on temple square - which darn, it was so good!), met with senators, people from United Families International and pretty much learned how we can better advocate as individuals in our communities. 

In addition to Cheesecake Factory for lunch, we stopped at in-n-out for dinner & it was to DIE for. Gosh, I miss living so close to an in-n-out. But it's a good thing let's be honest. Oh and in case you were wondering, this is what happiness looks like:



I convinced Tyler a few weeks ago that we needed to take advantage of our 4th of July break to go up to Canada! Traveling while 37 weeks isn't the smartest idea but we decided to go for it :) The day before we left, we went to the doctor and they checked my cervix and said it was completely closed and we were good to go - our chances of this baby coming were slim! Plus, Tyler's grandpa is a doctor and has delivered babies so we figured worst case scenario he could help us deliver the baby haha! 

Driving into Calgary.. 

Tyler and his dad - finally reunited!

On Thursday we got picked up by this fun car to go to the Sneak n' Peak for the Calgary Stampede. It was so much fun and we were so glad to go before the official start because not only was it the best weather, but we got to skip the crowds! 

I love this photo because Tyler looks like a legit cowboy haha. He hates it though because he knows its just not "him" - so hopefully he doesn't read my blog and see it ;) 

There is ALL sorts of fun at the stampede.. and one of our favorites was this personalized coke can station. I thought we were making each other cute little cans but Tyler turns everything into a joke and ended up putting "Lafonda" on my can, haha. Keeps me laughing!

Did I mention that I SCORED with amazing in-laws? They arranged this entire afternoon for us and it was so much fun to go to the stampede with them. My father-in-law was loving the carnival food (but hey, Tyler and I were too so we weren't complaining!) So we tried just about everything the stampede had to offer. 

On Friday, Tyler went on a hike with his Dad and I went shopping with my cute mother-in-law! She absolutely spoiled our baby with lots of clothes and baby supplies. It's always so fun to shop in Canada because there are stores that the U.S. doesn't have! My favorite mall there is Chinook Centre - they have every store you could possibly think of. Anthro, J. Crew, Target, Tiffany & Co., Tory Burch, and a lot of other Canadian stores… many of them I just look at & don't buy much since, hello! ($$$) but the list goes on & on and it's so fun to shop there. The little girl section in the Zara store just about threw me over the edge - everything there was TO DIE FOR. A little sneak peak...

It was also my cute sister-in-law's 15th birthday while we were in Calgary so of course we celebrated that! Happy birthday Rachel!

At the Stampede, Tyler's dad bought this little machine called "Dr. Ho's" and so we spent HOURS playing with it. Don't worry, I didn't because I am pregnant :)

Between a lot of yummy food, shopping & spending time with family - I can't think of a better way to have spent our last hurrah before baby comes!