So I took a little mini blogging break but I'm back! Really there's nothing much to update on except for my crazy strange weekend last week. I woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday night and threw up. I thought that it must have been just weird pregnancy morning sickness so I tried to get back to bed. But nope! I kept throwing up every 30 minutes or so the entire night so I finally started thinking I had the flu. I tried to be really quiet because I didn't want to wake Tyler up because I knew he had early Sunday morning bishopric meetings. Finally when he woke up in the morning, I told him how sick I had been. He is just so cute when I am sick so he went and bought me popsicles, gatorade and sprite and went to his meeting. I kept thinking I was going to get better but my morning sickness pill that normally changes my life (in a good way) was just not working because I couldn't keep anything down. Tyler came home to check on me after his meeting and was getting so worried. He kept calling the poor on-call nurse for my OBGYN to ask questions. Luckily she was just the sweetest and was okay with the constant phone calls :) 

I kind of avoid going to the doctor at all costs but Tyler is the complete opposite. All day long he had been trying to convince me that we needed to go, but obviously I kept telling him it would eventually get better and I was fine. Part of the reason he is like this is because in Canada, it's free to go to the doctors so he's used to going whenever there is the smallest issue. Well, now that I am an "adult", I've realized that going to the doctor is expensive! So I kept holding off crossing my fingers it would go away. I didn't want to have to spend a few hundred dollars for them to tell me it was the flu and to just wait it out. 

Finally around 4pm the nurse started to get really worried because I hadn't had any food or liquid in 24 hours. So she told us we needed to get to the ER at the hospital. Here is me looking like a total supermodel. (Bare with me, rough picture I know)

They got me hooked up to an I.V. to start getting some liquids and medicine to help me start to feel better. They came and took my blood for tests and did a non-stress test to make sure the baby was okay. (Since I hadn't been keeping anything down she had stopped being so active so that was a concern.) After a few hours, (and lots of ESPN = happy husband) I was feeling ten million BAZILLION times better and they discharged us! 

Long story short, it wasn't the flu which still just baffles me. It was hyperemesis gravidarum which is pretty much just a spell of really severe morning sickness. They were so happy that I came in because they told me that I was very dehydrated and if I had waited much longer it likely would have started pre-term labor. Thank goodness! 33 weeks was way too early for a baby to be born. But I'm 100% better now just grateful that all is well with the baby!

My mom and I finished the nursery this past weekend so I will try to take pictures soon! 6 more weeks (or less if I am lucky) & we couldn't be more anxious and excited!

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  1. How weird! Glad you and baby are both okay. :) The hubs has instinct.