No seriously, these are the world's best chocolate chip cookie. My husband kept saying, "Congratulations! World's best chocolate chip cookie!" in the same tone as Buddy from Elf. Keeps me laughing! For a school project I had to make cookies. Long story, but I wasn't complaining. I had been wanting to make a specific kind of chocolate chip cookie for a few months but frankly, I haven't had the time. This isn't just your average cookie recipe. In fact, when I read through the recipe my first thought was "Yeah, right!" But I promise you that it's soooo worth tracking down the extra ingredients. I now present to you the best chocolate chip cookie you will ever eat!

You can find the recipe here. Don't let the measurements freak you out. I've convinced myself that the extra measuring you do gives this cookie the PERFECT consistency. Just a few tips:

+ I knew I wouldn't have the special chocolate chunks they request, so I just used Ghirardelli semi-sweet chips.

+ I couldn't wait the 24 hour chill time, so I made one cookie about 20 minutes after the dough had been in the fridge. Then, I made the rest 24 hours later. Did I see a difference? Not really sure.. maybe? If anything it gives you an excuse to look forward to tomorrow :)

+ I used fleur de sel as recommended by my mother versus a really coarse salt. I didn't want huge chunks of salt, and I think this was the perfect balance. Don't skip the salt - it's the best part!

Well there you have it! So yummy!

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