First of all, I grew up my entire life thinking that a pregnancy lasted 9 months. Well, I am 28 weeks, which comes out as 7 months, which you would think means I have 2 months left! But I have 3 months left… So I asked my doctor last time I was in and he said that technically pregnancies are 10 months. Blew my mind! How did I not know this all along?

Now here's a little update:

How far along? 28 weeks - 7 months!
Cravings? Chobani yogurt. They have some new ones (I think they’re new) that come with mix-ins. My favorite flavor is peach yogurt with pistachios and dark chocolate mix-ins. So good – go buy yourself one today, it’s more like dessert than a snack anyways:)
Aversions? This week? Fish! I tried to make homemade grilled fish tacos and I took one bite and spit it out. Not going to try fish again until baby girl is here.
Weight gain? 14 pounds!
Gender: Girl all the way!
Sleep? I have found that 8 hours of sleep is like my magic number! I can't sleep any more or any less! I literally wake up each morning exactly 8 hours from when I fell asleep. 
Stretch marks? No! So far, not a single stretch mark. But some days I’m not sure how much more my belly could possibly grow but I’m sure it’s bound to happen! 
Maternity clothes? Still managing to pull of some of my non-maternity clothes, but definitely wearing a lot of maternity, too!
Wedding rings? On! 
Looking forward to? Other than our babe getting here - getting the nursery finished!


  1. Yes, I am obsessed with those flips yogurts too. Definitely more like dessert. Lol. And how in the world have you only managed to gain 14 pounds? I'm jealous. I gained 45 pounds with both my pregnancies.

    1. They really are so good I have one at least once a day.. yikes :) I keep telling myself it's good calcium haha. But you are so nice to say that! I think a lot more weight will come on as this baby grows a ton this last trimester!! You are a beautiful mamma, Jessie!


  2. THANK YOU for making pregnancy not sound like the worst thing in the world in all of your posts!! Because at least one of your readers has spent plenty of time fretting over it throughout her life, and you ease her qualms. (Hint: it's me.) So good to hear that it's a lovable time of life.

    In other news: that photo is dreamy, and your new blog header is adorable! And I have never tried Chobani yogurt, but you may have just convinced me to give it a go.

    1. I'm so glad, lys! I remember after I had known I was pregnant for about a week I was like, "So this is what I was so scared of?!" It has been a million times better than I expected and I think my age (being young) may have something to do with it?! But yes try the chobani yogurt with mix-ins its soo so good! :)