It's been a busy past few weeks as Tyler and I have started yet another semester (it ends 3 days after my due date so cross your fingers with me she stays put til then!) and life is speeding by so fast! It's so crazy that we are coming so close to July.. I remember back in November when we found out we were expecting, July seemed like so far away. & now it's just around the corner! Time flies and we are so excited to welcome this girl home with us!
^can you spy my missing nail?! Haha I'm sure you can because it's so obvious. Whoops!

All I think about these days is baby prep. No matter my homework load, dishes to do, or tasks to be checked off I always find myself looking at and shopping for baby related things online. It's so bad! Months ago I bought a bunch of fabrics and ordered special elastic to make baby headbands. I had been borrowing my mom's sewing machine but she needed it back for something so I was stuck with a burning desire to craft but no sewing machine to do it! Finally, last week, I remembered that on campus I had seen a room full of sewing machines. On the door it says "For HFED majors or those enrolled in a sewing class ONLY." Well because I know (or at least think I know) what I'm doing when it comes to sewing, I figured I would take a risk. I walked in there last Saturday and tried to be confident and used the sewing machines for a few hours! No one asked me what I was doing and I got a lot of headbands sewed up so it worked out perfectly :)  The end result.. 

I seriously stare at them every day thinking that one day I'll have a little girl to put them on! My next big step is the nursery. Right now it looks like this.. 

So pretty much it has a LONG ways to go haha! The quilt I had been working on will be finished at the quilters this next week, the rug I ordered should be here by next week as well, and my mom has been finding a few other little things for me down in Utah. I can't wait for it to be finished! My goal I gave myself is that it'll be done in the next month or so because that way I am all set a month early just in case she were to decide to make her grand entrance early. I'd rather be safe than sorry!

Cravings? Still holding out strong with chobani yogurt DAILY! But I've added a (bad) addition to my cravings.. ice cream sandwiches. I seriously my whole life have never even liked them but now I can't get enough! It's all I can do to limit myself to one a day.. but man I seriously had a dream that I was running around in fields of ice cream sandwiches. It's bad.
Aversions? Nothing I can think of, really! Just strong smells do me over, but that's nothing new :) 
Weight gain? 18 pounds
Movement? She's a mover & a shaker! I always do my homework in bed propped up because my body is so tired after sitting in classes for 5 hours. I have this silly routine where after I'm all situated, I lift my shirt up so I can watch her move! It's so fun and I love seeing her kick and punch. I thought that by now I would be so over it but I'm still in awe watching her! 
Stretch marks? None yet! 
Awkward pregnancy moment? Almost passing out at the temple while Tyler and I were doing dealings.. haha so glad I didn't because as things started to go black I knew we needed to be done. 
Maternity clothes? Same old, same old! Definitely wearing more and more maternity but I've still been able to wear some pre-pregnancy things! 
Names? So we actually think we have decided on one. It's been my favorite name all along but it's taken this long to get Tyler to even kind-of, sort-of like it. He says it's growing on him and now that I've been trying to convince him for so long that this name is perfect he says that he can't imagine her as anything else. (Yes!!) But because it's still not 100% we are keeping it a surprise! 
Looking forward to? Memorial day weekend with my family! 


  1. Gah! I am just so excited and happy for you and your precious family!! :)

  2. oh you're the cutest mama Madeline!

  3. I totally passed out in the sealing room once! And I almost passed out in there on our wedding day, too. Ever since, I have to eat the hugest meals before we go to the temple or my blood sugar is conditioned to be like, "Girlfriend, fall down on the ground." Considering how pregnant you are, you are such a rockstar for being able to keep up in school and prepare a nursery!