Only one month left until I am considered "full term" - how crazy is that!?

I've been feeling great and I think a lot of the reason this pregnancy has been so smooth is because I'm so young. My ribs are hurting more and more, but that's my only complaint! I think my ribs are bruised or something because each time I sneeze (which is like five times an hour with allergy season here..) my ribs feel like they're going to break! I'm getting so anxious for this little girl to come (& relieve my rib pain) and I really can't believe how soon it will come!

I took my camera to school today and Tyler was getting pretty annoyed with the constant "snap" "snap" "snap" - the boy was raised by parents who love pictures and then married a girl who loves them too, you would think he would be used to it by now! 

This is him saying, "That's enough pictures babe"

I love this beautiful campus and even though Rexburg is the smallest town ever, there's also something I love about it. 

Most random post of the year award: check!


  1. Soooo cute. I hope my pregnancies are as smooth as yours! My best friend went to school up at BYU Idaho and I loved going to visit her in the warmer months--it really is pretty. Oh, and thanks for answering my email a while back! The favicon still hasn't shown up on my blog, but I here it'll be there in a few days :)

    Laura -- simpletonpleasures.blogspot.com

    1. I am sure they will be! It really is beautiful here and the temperature is very mild, which is perfect :) You are welcome, and no worries it doesn't take long to do but sometimes it's just finding the time to actually do it is where the struggle is! Can't wait to see it up there!