Only one month left until I am considered "full term" - how crazy is that!?

I've been feeling great and I think a lot of the reason this pregnancy has been so smooth is because I'm so young. My ribs are hurting more and more, but that's my only complaint! I think my ribs are bruised or something because each time I sneeze (which is like five times an hour with allergy season here..) my ribs feel like they're going to break! I'm getting so anxious for this little girl to come (& relieve my rib pain) and I really can't believe how soon it will come!

I took my camera to school today and Tyler was getting pretty annoyed with the constant "snap" "snap" "snap" - the boy was raised by parents who love pictures and then married a girl who loves them too, you would think he would be used to it by now! 

This is him saying, "That's enough pictures babe"

I love this beautiful campus and even though Rexburg is the smallest town ever, there's also something I love about it. 

Most random post of the year award: check!



Tyler and I headed down to Utah for the long weekend and of course we love coming here for sooo many reasons. One of them being the amazing weather. We could get used to it for sure :) 

My mom & I made a goal to get everything purchased and ready for the nursery while I am here. I had two completely different ideas that I was thinking for the nursery. One was really modern and the other was a little more girly & classy. I had been planning on the more modern idea but as my mom and I started brainstorming late friday night nothing was coming together quite right, so we decided to go with the second idea. Now that that's decided, we have been having so much fun getting everything ready! 

Before shopping, we stopped at in-n-out (both mine & tyler's request) because you can never go wrong with in-n-out, am I right? I mean, $2 for a fresh burger loaded with fresh tomatoes & lettuce? (I always order extra of that) So cheap. So good. I could go on but I don't want to sound like a fattie so I'll stop there :)

After this we hit the ground running, headed up to SLC, and got a lot done! (Tyler & my dad went mountain biking of course) I had ordered the perfect rug from Crate & Barrel but with this change in nursery plans I had to return it. It was bittersweet but it was a little overpriced anyways so we spent the afternoon looking for new additions and it was so fun. These two are the best little shopping buddies..

After a fun day we had a family BBQ. My mom's grilled pizzas are legendary and I had been craving these for a solid two months. I ate two.. so that was good. (*trying to justify that with pregnancy-related reasons)

I also realized during dinner that our little girl is going to LOVE coming to grandma & grandpas because she will get to play in the playhouse my dad built years ago for us! SO many fun memories in this house..

And right now I'm just blogging away because my family has 1 o'clock church (I'm sorry, but it's the worst time ever) so here's my view:

Happy memorial day weekend!



I understand all girls, and all wives are different but one thing I do every day is make my husband dinner. Even though I'm crazy busy, it's one of Tyler's favorite things when I cook so it's just one of those prioritities I make every day to do. Now of course, there are random crazy days where making a full dinner is just not possible. We are normal people and have those days too :)  Tyler is so sweet by always telling me how amazing I am at cooking which makes going through the efforts of spending time making dinner so worth it. He always exclaims, "How are you so amazing at such a young age?! I hit the wife jackpot!" As long as he continues the non-stop compliments, he will continue to get dinner each night that's for sure!

Anyways, my point of this is to post a few quick and yummy summer meals that are our favorites. I'm not crazy into "clean eating" if you're familiar with that whole trend, but these meals are all really well balanced and pretty healthy! And yummy. And delicious. 

You're welcome. 

1. Gourmet BLT's

This meal is as simple as it comes. Our local grocery story sells freshly baked artisan bread so we love using the sourdough or the wholegrain. The bread makes a world of difference, trust me! I put slices of the bread in the oven on broil with fresh (or not fresh) mozzarella and let it melt. The cheese gets melted, the bread toasty, and it's oh so yum. Then I take the bread out, spread garlic aioli on one side (mayo, a little squeeze of lemon & a tiny bit of minced garlic). Top with bacon (turkey bacon if you're wanting to be more healthy than we are), fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado. So yum!

2. Teriyaki Chicken Bowls (click here for recipe)

This is also another easy meal that is so good! I always double the teriyaki sauce recipe because it's so good. Steam fresh carrots, broccoli & zucchini for a side. We will also serve it on brown rice some days which is so good too!

3. Grilled Summer Chicken 
I use this marinade, which is my go-to, for the chicken. As for the brussel sprouts.. oh my gosh these are so delicious when you roast them. Put them in a ziplock, add a splash of olive oil, kosher salt, pepper & minced garlic. Mix everything up & put onto a baking sheet. Roast in the oven at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes. The crispier the better, trust me!

4. Grilled Chicken Gyros (click here for recipe)
We died and went to heaven when we tried these. So fresh, so healthy, and SO easy! We do it simple, and just serve them with chopped tomatoes, lettuce, and the tzatziki sauce. The key we've found is to seriously GRILL the chicken. Nothing makes up for that! This is probably our favorite of them all because it's so cheap, easy, I could go on and on for days!

I post these because some weeks I just STRUGGLE to come up with new ideas! Hopefully these help you, and if you have any favorite recipes please don't hesitate to post below in the comments because I'm always looking for suggestions!



Each week for Family Home Evening we rotate on who decides what we do. I try to do a lesson, a service activity, writing to his sister on a mission, or anything along those lines. Tyler's choices always involve sports and fun… watching an NBA finals game at Wingers, or playing basketball at the park.. you know the story. We make a good team I guess, balancing each other out :) Tonight Tyler wanted to head over to the oh so glamorous Teton Lakes Golf Club (again) and it was the most perfect evening! 

We love this little date because it's so cheap to do in Idaho and we have so much fun with it.  

Neither of us are really golfers but Tyler takes all sports seriously. It's pretty cute to watch. Tonight there were a lot more people on the course and Tyler wasn't loving the extra eyes.. I don't know why guys think they have to be the best at everything but I just kept telling him he was the best, hottest golfer I know. He is!

We're now closing off our night with NBA in the background while we finish up working on our Canadian thank-you letters! I am convinced to get these done ASAP before this baby comes! As for next week - I think we'll take a break from our golfing streak. I'm ready for something new :) For those of you who are married, what are your favorite FHE activities?! 



It's been a busy past few weeks as Tyler and I have started yet another semester (it ends 3 days after my due date so cross your fingers with me she stays put til then!) and life is speeding by so fast! It's so crazy that we are coming so close to July.. I remember back in November when we found out we were expecting, July seemed like so far away. & now it's just around the corner! Time flies and we are so excited to welcome this girl home with us!
^can you spy my missing nail?! Haha I'm sure you can because it's so obvious. Whoops!

All I think about these days is baby prep. No matter my homework load, dishes to do, or tasks to be checked off I always find myself looking at and shopping for baby related things online. It's so bad! Months ago I bought a bunch of fabrics and ordered special elastic to make baby headbands. I had been borrowing my mom's sewing machine but she needed it back for something so I was stuck with a burning desire to craft but no sewing machine to do it! Finally, last week, I remembered that on campus I had seen a room full of sewing machines. On the door it says "For HFED majors or those enrolled in a sewing class ONLY." Well because I know (or at least think I know) what I'm doing when it comes to sewing, I figured I would take a risk. I walked in there last Saturday and tried to be confident and used the sewing machines for a few hours! No one asked me what I was doing and I got a lot of headbands sewed up so it worked out perfectly :)  The end result.. 

I seriously stare at them every day thinking that one day I'll have a little girl to put them on! My next big step is the nursery. Right now it looks like this.. 

So pretty much it has a LONG ways to go haha! The quilt I had been working on will be finished at the quilters this next week, the rug I ordered should be here by next week as well, and my mom has been finding a few other little things for me down in Utah. I can't wait for it to be finished! My goal I gave myself is that it'll be done in the next month or so because that way I am all set a month early just in case she were to decide to make her grand entrance early. I'd rather be safe than sorry!

Cravings? Still holding out strong with chobani yogurt DAILY! But I've added a (bad) addition to my cravings.. ice cream sandwiches. I seriously my whole life have never even liked them but now I can't get enough! It's all I can do to limit myself to one a day.. but man I seriously had a dream that I was running around in fields of ice cream sandwiches. It's bad.
Aversions? Nothing I can think of, really! Just strong smells do me over, but that's nothing new :) 
Weight gain? 18 pounds
Movement? She's a mover & a shaker! I always do my homework in bed propped up because my body is so tired after sitting in classes for 5 hours. I have this silly routine where after I'm all situated, I lift my shirt up so I can watch her move! It's so fun and I love seeing her kick and punch. I thought that by now I would be so over it but I'm still in awe watching her! 
Stretch marks? None yet! 
Awkward pregnancy moment? Almost passing out at the temple while Tyler and I were doing dealings.. haha so glad I didn't because as things started to go black I knew we needed to be done. 
Maternity clothes? Same old, same old! Definitely wearing more and more maternity but I've still been able to wear some pre-pregnancy things! 
Names? So we actually think we have decided on one. It's been my favorite name all along but it's taken this long to get Tyler to even kind-of, sort-of like it. He says it's growing on him and now that I've been trying to convince him for so long that this name is perfect he says that he can't imagine her as anything else. (Yes!!) But because it's still not 100% we are keeping it a surprise! 
Looking forward to? Memorial day weekend with my family! 



A week or so ago I recieved an email from the cutest Mila Adams, maker of these gorgeous pillows:

I was so flattered that she wanted me to host a giveaway - she will be giving away these pillows which are so adorable. (I am jealous of whoever wins because I want them on my own bed.. or in baby girl's nursery.. or anywhere for that matter..)

Mila is also offering all of my blog readers 10% discount to her etsy shop which you can find here! So go & shop shop shop! You definitely need these pillows! Use the promo code madeline10 at checkout and you are set :)

Anyways, the rules are simple! This is such a fun & quick giveaway - it ends on the 18th and the winner will be announced on the 19th! Fill out the rafflecopter entry below and you're set! Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



No seriously, these are the world's best chocolate chip cookie. My husband kept saying, "Congratulations! World's best chocolate chip cookie!" in the same tone as Buddy from Elf. Keeps me laughing! For a school project I had to make cookies. Long story, but I wasn't complaining. I had been wanting to make a specific kind of chocolate chip cookie for a few months but frankly, I haven't had the time. This isn't just your average cookie recipe. In fact, when I read through the recipe my first thought was "Yeah, right!" But I promise you that it's soooo worth tracking down the extra ingredients. I now present to you the best chocolate chip cookie you will ever eat!

You can find the recipe here. Don't let the measurements freak you out. I've convinced myself that the extra measuring you do gives this cookie the PERFECT consistency. Just a few tips:

+ I knew I wouldn't have the special chocolate chunks they request, so I just used Ghirardelli semi-sweet chips.

+ I couldn't wait the 24 hour chill time, so I made one cookie about 20 minutes after the dough had been in the fridge. Then, I made the rest 24 hours later. Did I see a difference? Not really sure.. maybe? If anything it gives you an excuse to look forward to tomorrow :)

+ I used fleur de sel as recommended by my mother versus a really coarse salt. I didn't want huge chunks of salt, and I think this was the perfect balance. Don't skip the salt - it's the best part!

Well there you have it! So yummy!



First of all, I grew up my entire life thinking that a pregnancy lasted 9 months. Well, I am 28 weeks, which comes out as 7 months, which you would think means I have 2 months left! But I have 3 months left… So I asked my doctor last time I was in and he said that technically pregnancies are 10 months. Blew my mind! How did I not know this all along?

Now here's a little update:

How far along? 28 weeks - 7 months!
Cravings? Chobani yogurt. They have some new ones (I think they’re new) that come with mix-ins. My favorite flavor is peach yogurt with pistachios and dark chocolate mix-ins. So good – go buy yourself one today, it’s more like dessert than a snack anyways:)
Aversions? This week? Fish! I tried to make homemade grilled fish tacos and I took one bite and spit it out. Not going to try fish again until baby girl is here.
Weight gain? 14 pounds!
Gender: Girl all the way!
Sleep? I have found that 8 hours of sleep is like my magic number! I can't sleep any more or any less! I literally wake up each morning exactly 8 hours from when I fell asleep. 
Stretch marks? No! So far, not a single stretch mark. But some days I’m not sure how much more my belly could possibly grow but I’m sure it’s bound to happen! 
Maternity clothes? Still managing to pull of some of my non-maternity clothes, but definitely wearing a lot of maternity, too!
Wedding rings? On! 
Looking forward to? Other than our babe getting here - getting the nursery finished!