Okay funniest story I just had to blog about because I want to remember this story for forever. Tyler and I booked a hotel a few weeks ago. We got a great deal on it because it was about 15 minutes south of downtown San Diego and we figured it wouldn't really matter because we would just drive wherever anyways! Well, we were very wrong. As we got closer to the hotel, we notice this concerning sign on the side of the rode..
We pulled into the hotel our first night and to start, it looked nothing like the pictures. Sure it looked slightly the same, but about 10 times scarier. Growing up traveling, I remember my parents always telling us, "When you girls get married and your husbands take you on trips, you can't expect to stay in places like we do. Wherever you stay, be grateful and tell him it's the most wonderful trip you've ever been on!" This popped into my head and so I decided to just stay positive and not worry about it! 

Tyler has a pretty (okay very) low tolerance for anything along these lines and got mad about the entire situation. He kept saying "We are not staying here, this is not happening." I tried to convince him it was fine but he was just not having it! We got up to our room (the room doors facing outside, and we are literally like throwing rocks distance from Mexico) and we hear a dog barking loudy in the room next to us. We try to get settled in and we hear this blood curdling scream. We both bursted out laughing it was just so funny. We stayed one night, and the next morning were lucky enough to get a refund. I've never seen someone so anxious to head north...

Tyler was adamant that we ensure the next place we stay wouldn't be like the hotel in Chula Vista. We got a beautiful new hotel in the Gaslamp District right in downtown San Diego.

Our hotel is literally a two minute walk from Petco Park, which is perfect because we have tickets for tomorrow's Padres game. We are very happy and the entire situation has just been too funny. We laugh every few hours thinking about this trip and how it has gone, it's been so fun and we've already made so many memories.

We love being right downtown because we are so close to so many fun things - it's a good excuse to walk off all the calories we are consuming.. :)

We visited beautiful cliffs and explored southern california this afternoon. The weather is so beautiful and we are loving it!


  1. I can see my boy in this story ;) he its totally the same!
    I hope you guys have the time of your lives, making great memories :)

    Sending some sunshine from Germany,


  2. seriously you need to tell me where you are finding all your cute maternity (or things that work as maternity) clothes! all of them are so cute and springy!