Our little getaway has been perfect and JUST what we've needed! We've had so much fun eating, sleeping, eating, shopping, relaxing, and eating. Haha - but really, the food is so good we look forward to our meals every single day! (Even our cheap in-n-out meals are the best)

Tyler just about lost it in this store looking at basketball shoes. He kept telling me the different specs of different ones and why he needed them all. (Yes, them ALL.) The little baby shoes are what got me! Maybe one day we'll have a boy for Tyler to live his dreams through, haha!

Kate Spade, why oh why must you make such beautiful items? I only stepped in for a few minutes in order to maintain my self-control levels.

Lastly, pinkberry is our complete favorite and we talk about it at least twice a month back home. So great to get our fix! We are loving every moment of our babymoon!

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  1. Okay I am glad my husband isn't the only one that totally wanted a BOY! He tries to go with me and pick out cute little dresses and things but he is always drawn to the little boys side!! Ooooh one day!!