I absolutely love this time of year, when conference comes around. For my church which you can read about here, we have two conferences a year where we listen to uplifting & encouraging talks given by the leaders of the church. I always feel so happy after listening to conference and it leaves me feeling so refreshed. With me having a family of my own now, it's been so fun to decide what traditions we want to start or continue, and breakfast is one of them!
I was going to run to the store last night to grab a few things, but I fell asleep in my clothes  while watching a movie with Tyler haha, and I woke up in my clothes. (Kind of the worst/weirdest feeling..) So I woke up, ran to the store this morning, and made breakfast as quick as I could! Voila - breakfast of champions! It's no "clean" breakfast but it sure tasted yummy.

Because we don't have a TV, we watch conference in bed. It's the best, really & who doesn't love the occasional lounging in bed?

If you are wanting to watch conference, you can tune in here!
Saturday, April 5th from 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm
Sunday, April 6th from10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm
Mountain Standard Time

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

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