Day two of conference was just as great. As much as I love conference weekend, by Sunday afternoon I feel a little lazy like I've been cooped up all weekend, haha. So Tyler and I went over to Porter Park to drink our special conference drinks and play some basketball. (Okay so I didn't play basketball but Tyler sure did). 

My memory of general conference while growing up was playing conference bingo and my dad would buy the BEST treats as prizes. They were things like Jones sodas, sugar cereal, ya know, the things my mom would never buy haha. 

It was heaven as a kid so we had to keep the tradition by buying Tyler's favorite soda since he is on a soda break. It was a beautiful day in Rexburg which is rare so we just loved the sunshine and took full advantage of it! 

We have finals week this week.. wish us luck!! So far I have all A's which I am pretty proud of myself seeing that I've been telling myself "C's get degrees" all semester. I'm proud of Tyler for working so hard, too. He's taken 15 credits this semester of intensive science classes. Sad to say, but I couldn't even tell you which classes they are. Bioelectrochemistry or something? Not sure, but it's not fun stuff. It makes me grateful that I get to study families and marriage all day long :) 

Here's to a great last week, then we're off to San Deigo next week!


  1. Looks like a great day and I love your ribbon/Bow! I am known for having a big red bow in my hair whenever it is tied up haha. Wearing one now actually.


    1. Thanks so much! Haha that is so fun, I don't really wear many bows like this but I love them & may start having to do it more often :)

  2. You are DARLING!! Not sure how I stumbled upon your instagram account but it led me here and I'm so glad! -Chlo

  3. your red bow + big smile are to die for. glad you guys enjoyed conference weekend :)