I was thinking today how I've been slacking off with this blog and I think it's because I don't ever write when nothing major is happening in my life. It's as if I feel that I can only post when I am doing really cool, fun things. In reality, that's not really life so I decided to just open up this post and just start writing even though I don't think I have any pictures to post and pretty much all I do these days is school! 

This past weekend Tyler and I went to Utah which was just so fun. His family had their spring break and so they drove down to Utah. It's so fun how much our families love each other, and it makes me so happy. Like who's in-laws drive from another country to visit their son's wife's family?? I'm not sure but we love it. The weekend was filled with eating amazing food (I'm such a foodie, it's my favorite thing about leaving Idaho is eating at fun places), shopping, and spending time with family! My mom got me some cute Ralph Lauren shoes and some more cute baby clothes. We were so jam packed with activities all weekend but it was so fun and so hard to leave come Sunday. 

On Sunday after church, my two friends Ashlyn and Chelsea who are neighbors popped over to say hello! They came over right as my family and my in-laws were sitting down for Sunday dinner, so my cute mom was like, "Oh come on in, come eat with us!" It was so fun and as Tyler and I were driving home I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to have such great friends! 

The semester is just crazy! I will never take 20 credit hours again AND work AND be pregnant! It's just too much for me and I'm starting to think that being a mom sounds like heaven. (Don't break my perfect vision of what it really is, haha.) Today Tyler booked our babymoon to San Diego! Who ever invented babymoons?? I'll be honest and say that I was not 100% for it just because I wasn't sure that it was necessary and I thought we could have just as much fun spending Spring Break in Canada or Utah (and save a lot more money!) but Tyler was insistent and there was no changing that boy's mind. Now that it's booked and there isn't any going back, I am starting to get excited and moreover just looking forward to a break! 

I'm going to try to be better at posting more regularly, no matter if something exciting is happening in my life or not! If you want more regular quick updates follow me on instagram (@mrsmadelinevance) - sadly I post more often there than I do here!



Yesterday we had our last ultrasound! It was so sad because I just love ultrasounds! The craziest part is always being able to feel her kick and move as I watch her do it on the ultrasound. It's so bizarre and so amazing at the same time. This ultrasound was the long one and it took about 35 minutes. They did all the measurements and looked really closely at our little babe to make sure nothing is wrong. I was a teeny tiny bit worried that we would be told that she was a boy because I've heard of that happening to a few people recently! She reassured us that there was definitely nothing going on between her legs so that was good news for sure. Not that I wouldn't want a boy, but after 5 weeks of planning for a girl - mentally and temporally - I was so happy. 

We bought a dresser this last week for the nursery! Because our apartment isn't that big we (mostly me, Tyler could care less about the decor, set-up, etc. haha) are trying to figure out the best way possible to lay out our nursery! I never really thought our spare room was teeny tiny until we got a crib and a dresser in there. Yep, I'm going to have to start figuring out creative ways to make this look how I want it to! It's so fun and I can't wait to see it all come together. I already have a bunch of baby clothes already thanks to my sweet mom. With me being in Idaho with no where to shop, my mom is always using her free time to run to stores to find cute things. I started folding and organizing our little girl's clothes this morning. I snapped a picture of a few cute things because Jessica requested it :)

I hope you have fun plans this weekend! I don't know about you but weekends are what I live for so I'm a happy girl knowing that I can have today to relax and catch up :)



How can it be that I am halfway through pregnancy?! Today marks twenty weeks and just the thought of meeting this little girl in only a few short months gets me so excited! I haven't done a pregnancy update like I did here in a while so I thought I'd do that :) 

How far along? 20 weeks!
Cravings? Grapefruit still sounds good all the time as do baja blast freeze's. I thought my horrible baja blast craving would be over by now but it's still holding out strong! My dad is in London right now and keeps sending me pictures of what he eats each day so you could say that everything he sends me is a craving as well. 
Aversions? Nothing too intense! Just things like fish or other strong foods.
Weight gain? About 4 pounds!
Missing? I forget what it feels like to not have such a strong sense of smell. My nose can pick up anything! It's not so fun and I look forward to the day when I will think my husband's cologne smells good again.  
Movements? YES! Oh my this is the best part of pregnancy. Our little girl kicks and moves all day long and it's my favorite. It's like she's saying "I'm here mommy!" It's so fun to look down and watch my belly pop up as she moves around and kicks. I filmed it on my phone the other day and I will have to upload a video of it because it's so dang cute!
Gender? Girl girl girl! 
Prep? We've actually been doing really well on preparation for our little girl. We have a crib, an adorable rocking chair, diaper bag (kind of, haha), clothes galore, and I'm still working on finishing up her triangle quilt. So far so good!

This afternoon Tyler and I went on a little walk around Porter Park so I brought my camera along for some fun. The weather today is so beautiful and it felt like spring! I'm in heaven and soaking it in before we get another storm, which is bound to happen in Rexburg :) This husband of mine can never take a photo seriously. Haha! Still love him. Happy weekend!



Saturday mornings are my favorite because there is no better feeling than waking up knowing that I can sleep in just a little bit. It's so funny to me that Tyler and I, no matter the day, wake up at exactly the same time. I have no idea why - any other married girls have the same experience?? Well this morning, we laid in bed for about an hour just talking. (My favorite) and I was feeling our baby moving around like crazy! This has been happening for a couple weeks actually and just feels like rumbling and moving inside your stomache, and it is the coolest feeling. I put my hand on my stomach and all of the sudden my hand got jabbed - hard! Tyler hurried and put his hand on me and our baby was just movin' around like crazy for about an hour! I had never felt it from the outside before and it was the most amazing feeling. I think Tyler loved it so much because it was the first time he was able to really be involved with the pregnancy, because up until now, he's obviously known that there's a little baby girl inside of me but I think feeling her made it real. 

I spent the morning cleaning out our spare room so we can start setting up our nursery! It's been so fun to start getting everything ready... and it makes me so very exciting that we are almost halfway through this pregnancy - I can't wait to meet this baby girl!