I'm breathing I promise! Blogging. Well I'm here now and this is good, this is very good. I started this blog with so much momentum and somewhere between taking 18 credit hours and working and being pregnant… it got lost. But, I'm here now for a fresh start. Hoping I can continue to blog these fun times of being pregnant!

A few updates: Our interview went perfectly! I was pretty nervous because a few days prior, I rewatched The Proposal just for fun. Well not only is it a cute movie but it also was a scary reminder that these government people are not messing around! My biggest worry was that I would crack under pressure and they would sense my nervousness and consider it, I don't know, FRAUD? I would like to keep my husband in the United States mister government worker, please don't kick him out. Luckily we got the nicest one and it went smoothly. My mom called immediately after to ask how it went, and I explained that it's really what you would think it is. We brought in our folder full of pictures, notes, receipts, and other evidence that we are for real. He asked us every question under the moon about us and our relationship, and what can we say? Our love cannot be fooled and he passed us! We celebrated with some shopping at Nordstrom Rack in Boise (Sad to admit that this Nordstrom girl is missing her shopping…) and lunch at Cheesecake Factory! I had no idea that Boise had so many stores and it really had a fun vibe. We were sad to return back to real life!

Then, last weekend, we went up to Calgary for our Open House! I know what you're thinking.. Open House and you're pregnant? Hah - yes! 

It was a first and a last but we are so happy we did it. It was so wonderful and went so smoothly. The best part of it all was meeting so many people that I have heard so much about! And not to mention we got to take a trip to my favorite city :)

My family and I got to Calgary on Thursday for the Saturday Open House. We wanted to be there early to set up, shop, (play) and get ready for the fun weekend. My sister didn't fly up until Friday and poor Tyler got there the day of! (He had a big test to take) We spent the days prior buying Canadian candy, shopping, (Calgary has seriously the best shopping ever) eating Poutine, playing, and having so much fun. My family and my in-laws love each other so it was a huge party for us. So the picture below is the only picture we got with guests - oops! These are two of Tyler's best friends growing up and their beautiful wives. So fun to meet them.

Below is the after party.. My feet were throbbing (I blame pregnancy?) and so us girls (Me, my mom and Tyler's aunt) sat & chatted! One of the best parts of the Open House were the See's chocolates you see pictured in the photo below. My parents brought up 40 boxes from Utah haha - we love chocolate that's for sure.

All in all - it was a dream weekend! We were all so sad when it was over, but so glad I had the chance to show my family around Calgary. I have the best families, I'm convinced of it!

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