I feel as if these trips we keep taking to Utah are happening more and more often - and I'm not mad! This weekend, Tyler's uncle got married. It was so fun for a number of reasons. One, being that Utah will always hold a special place in my heart. Two, in-n-out. Three, who doesn't love weddings?! (My husband, unfortunately) and four, we were able to spend some time with family which is always just so great. If you're like me, you go along with any excuse for a get together.

Amidst the cleanup, we took a little break to dance to cotton eye joe - took me right back to high school baby!

Baby update! Our little babe is 12 weeks which is so very exciting! It's so unreal to think that we are 1/3 of the way done. One third! How has this happened? Although I will admit that I'm crossing my fingers that my morning sickness will only go down from here. The past few days have been really good and I'm trying not to jinx it! Little Vance is now the size of a lime, which explains this photo here to the right :)

Tonight, Tyler pulled me in a for a hug at the wedding, and exclaimed, "Oh wow! I can feel your bump so good now, it's getting huge!" It made me laugh because it's so interesting how fast your body changes. Each week my pants get a little bit tighter (and I'm not sure the elastic trick is going to last much longer!) Thank goodness for weekends, I hope yours was as great as mine!


  1. Your dress is precious! I am so happy for you both!!

  2. Big lovely bump, little lovely baby! I love it when pregnant ladies wear pretty dresses.