Ok I know I already complained about the Bahamas in my last post.. but seriously? Look what I woke up to. As if the Bahamas isn't a fun enough way to start off 2014, Mexico in April too? Anyways, I'm done. It's just a jealousy thing and I'm happy for them. (But Mom, if you're reading this, I am free that week in April.) 

My week has been much better than my last post, haha. Have you heard about all the people dying in Utah from the flu? Seriously so scary. Tyler and I raced to the doctors to get our shots yesterday. I'm kind of a baby when it comes to needles and I wasn't too thrilled. A few years back I started going to the pediatrician (haha this was seriously me in high school) with my little sisters so that I could get the flu mist versus the shot. The mist is where they shoot mist up your nose and it's painless and perfect. Unfortunately, my OBGYN didn't have the mist :( My husband and I now have sore arms and hopefully will not die in the next few weeks from this deadly flu bug!! (If you haven't gotten yours - go!)

I'm back to cooking and this is surely something to blog about. Over the past three months, I haven't cooked a single meal! Serious. How sad is this, I love to cook! Being pregnant is just the strangest things. You hear about aversions, cravings and a heightened sense of smell but actually experiencing them is a new story. The first trimester, I couldn't stand the smell of seriously anything! Which meant I didn't cook. I lived off of toast and fruit. Luckily, I can tell it's starting to get better. I cooked Tyler and I's most favorite meal and it was so nice to have some real food and actually enjoy it! (If you want to know what this recipe is, I blogged about it here a few months back)

I promise for a more structured and not so random post next time.. This is all I got for today :)

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