Happy Wednesday! 

How far along? 13 weeks! I realized this morning that last week we didn't take our 13th week photo! So although I'm now half way through the week, I still wanted to do a quick update :)
Cravings? My morning sickness is virtually gone can I get a hallelujah? Because I'm feeling so much better, so many foods are sounding so good all of the sudden! I made enchiladas last night believe it or not (first meal in 3 months, poor husband) and am feeling more and more open each day to foods that aren't so bland. Life is great!
Aversions? Fried foods and Chinese, yuck!
Weight gain? Not even sure & trying not to care :)
Weird pregnancy moment: Nothing too embarassing lately expect for crazy dreams and round ligament pain. (No one ever warned me about that!)
Gender: Still thinking boy... (but secretly wanting a girl). Either way,  a healthy baby will be just fine with us! We get to find out in less than 3 weeks and I am counting down the days! Ahh!
Sleep? I'm not sleeping as much as I was in the first trimester, and this belly sleeper is having a hard time training myself to sleep on my left side! Waking up in the night with a numb shoulder is no fun, but I've got to figure it out sooner than later!

Tyler and I have a busy week ahead! On Sunday, we are driving to Boise, Idaho for his interview with the government on Monday morning. Have you seen The Proposal? We are living that this weekend! They will separate us and grill us (praying I don't break down and ruin it!) to make sure that we got married because we were in love and not because he paid me. Haha, it should be interesting but a fun adventure none the less! Then next weekend, because we will finally be able to cross the border, we are driving up to Canada to do an open house! It's so last minute, but was really the only weekend it worked for both of our families. Plus, I was thinking the sooner the better with this bump of mine growing more and more each week! Haha it's pretty funny that we will be doing our open house & we are expecting. I'm so excited because I seriously adore Calgary and it will be so fun to meet some of Tyler's friends as well as Vance family friends that I haven't had the chance to meet yet. Here's to a week of crazy bliss! 

What are your weekend plans? Anything fun?



Ok I know I already complained about the Bahamas in my last post.. but seriously? Look what I woke up to. As if the Bahamas isn't a fun enough way to start off 2014, Mexico in April too? Anyways, I'm done. It's just a jealousy thing and I'm happy for them. (But Mom, if you're reading this, I am free that week in April.) 

My week has been much better than my last post, haha. Have you heard about all the people dying in Utah from the flu? Seriously so scary. Tyler and I raced to the doctors to get our shots yesterday. I'm kind of a baby when it comes to needles and I wasn't too thrilled. A few years back I started going to the pediatrician (haha this was seriously me in high school) with my little sisters so that I could get the flu mist versus the shot. The mist is where they shoot mist up your nose and it's painless and perfect. Unfortunately, my OBGYN didn't have the mist :( My husband and I now have sore arms and hopefully will not die in the next few weeks from this deadly flu bug!! (If you haven't gotten yours - go!)

I'm back to cooking and this is surely something to blog about. Over the past three months, I haven't cooked a single meal! Serious. How sad is this, I love to cook! Being pregnant is just the strangest things. You hear about aversions, cravings and a heightened sense of smell but actually experiencing them is a new story. The first trimester, I couldn't stand the smell of seriously anything! Which meant I didn't cook. I lived off of toast and fruit. Luckily, I can tell it's starting to get better. I cooked Tyler and I's most favorite meal and it was so nice to have some real food and actually enjoy it! (If you want to know what this recipe is, I blogged about it here a few months back)

I promise for a more structured and not so random post next time.. This is all I got for today :)



+ My in-laws are all in Hawaii this week. They're also going to the Bahamas next month. So are my parents. Can't someone please take us with?! ;)
+ Wearing my husbands garments today because all of mine were dirty. (TMI?) I know it's so gross.. but ya know, just being honest that it's really one of those days.
+ Rexburg is very cold and very windy.
+ Walking down an empty hall, I heard a girl shout, "Oh my! How are you?!" I looked up, thinking she was talking to me, "Hi! I'm doing good!!" ... only to realize she was talking to someone behind me.
+ I had to get a pap smear yesterday and I don't like them very much. But I guess hearing our babe's heartbeat was amazing so it made it worth it.
+ I may or may not delete this post because it's just a lot of information. Sorry guys!
Here's to tomorrow!



I feel as if these trips we keep taking to Utah are happening more and more often - and I'm not mad! This weekend, Tyler's uncle got married. It was so fun for a number of reasons. One, being that Utah will always hold a special place in my heart. Two, in-n-out. Three, who doesn't love weddings?! (My husband, unfortunately) and four, we were able to spend some time with family which is always just so great. If you're like me, you go along with any excuse for a get together.

Amidst the cleanup, we took a little break to dance to cotton eye joe - took me right back to high school baby!

Baby update! Our little babe is 12 weeks which is so very exciting! It's so unreal to think that we are 1/3 of the way done. One third! How has this happened? Although I will admit that I'm crossing my fingers that my morning sickness will only go down from here. The past few days have been really good and I'm trying not to jinx it! Little Vance is now the size of a lime, which explains this photo here to the right :)

Tonight, Tyler pulled me in a for a hug at the wedding, and exclaimed, "Oh wow! I can feel your bump so good now, it's getting huge!" It made me laugh because it's so interesting how fast your body changes. Each week my pants get a little bit tighter (and I'm not sure the elastic trick is going to last much longer!) Thank goodness for weekends, I hope yours was as great as mine!



OK I am surely convinced I have the sweetest, most thoughtful and generous in-laws in the world. I grew up hearing horror stories regarding in-laws and issues with your spouse's family. I got so very lucky because I can honestly say that I absolutely adore my in-laws! So back before Tyler and I met, I told my mom that I would marry a guy who drove a brand new, silver Honda civic. It was a joke and I was mostly kidding, but I really got a kick when I found out that Tyler drives a silver honda civic! Now, I don't quite understand the logic behind buying a brand new car that is manual, but just like women have their prerogative, men have theirs too I guess. I've struggled for months learning how to drive manual, and I can do it now but it makes me soooo nervous. When we found out we were expecting, I realized that not only was I going to have to learn how and face my fear, but also that a coupe would be difficult with a car seat. I mean, think about it. Car seats are already difficult as they are.. but trying to get one in the back of a coupe? Sounds hard to me, and Tyler agreed as well. 

We started looking around at cars, thinking we would sell the Honda and get a new one. This made us both sad because we have so many memories in his Honda, and neither of us really wanted to sell it. We mentioned this to Tyler's dad who then offered us this beautiful car:

So a week later, here it is!! I seriously am in awe and it is so nice that we will have two cars instead of always trying to coordinate our schedules and such. We felt very prompted to start our family, and although it really didn't make a lot of sense, we moved forward knowing that things would somehow work out. This car was truly such a blessing and we know that our Heavenly Father is watching out for us! We are so grateful for such loving and supportive family!



School has starteeeed! Today is the first day of my SIXTH semester of college!! I look at the number six and I cannot believe it. I have worked so hard the past couple years and I did some calculating last night.. and if all goes as planned (which let's be honest - with getting pregnant it could all go a completely different direction) then I will graduate with Tyler this year!! I am hoping to graduate in December but I am still crossing my fingers. 

When we first started telling family and friends that we were expecting a few weeks ago, we got a lot of congratulations and excitement! There were quite a few people who were asking me, "Well what about school?" School has always been a priority and so has getting my degree. I know it will be hard finishing up one last semester with a new baby, but I know that 3 hard months will be worth saying that I got my bachelors degree with a baby and in only 2 years! If things don't work out as planned, then I will split my load and graduate in April 2015. 

Now for some baby talk!

How far along? I'm 11 weeks and all has been going well! I haven't had a really bad day in about.. well.. 4 days. So that's something to celebrate, right?! 
Cravings? My cravings have turned to macaroni and cheese. (I still eat about 10 servings of fruit a day though) I know, it's so crazy sounding because the last time I had macaroni & cheese was probably a good 4 years ago. The things pregnancy does to you! 
Aversions? Still the same.. the C word and fried foods.
Weight gain? I'm still below my starting weight, which I blame on the first trimester! 
Weird pregnancy moment: throwing up in front of a bunch of people right outside of Old Navy. You don't know humiliating until that moment.
Gender: Tyler and I are both thinking boy, and we have from the start! I'm not sure if it's a mothers intuition or if it's Ty brainwashing me by calling the baby "him" or saying "I can't wait to play sports with him" :)
Sleep? I sleep about 10 hours a night. Haha yes I'm totally serious and it rocks.



School has officially started and it's definitely bittersweet. Over Christmas Break, we…

Took pictures in the beautiful Christmas snow! (nothing big, just my little sissy shot them)

Went out to eat to way too many restaurants.. thanks mom and dad! This was one of my favorites.. Thai food never disappoints.

Stopped by the Allen Edmonds store in SLC… Vance boys can't seem to have too many Allen Edmonds. Tyler blames it on his dad!

Gave Tyler his bike, which he biked all around the neighborhood all Christmas Day. He was like a little boy in a candy shop! (I know I already posted this picture.. but it makes me so happy so I'm reposting:) )

Enjoyed gourmet breakfasts each day. My mom is amazing. My favorite were the Ã†bleskivers - yum yum!

Took a trip to St. George with my parents. The boys needed their mountain biking fix! (without snow!)

And met up for dinner with family!

It was such an amazing trip - and such a nice break away from it all! We feel so blessed to have such great family and friends. 



The last few months have seriously been such a roller coaster for Tyler and I. Life has really changed for us, but it's been the best change and we are just SO happy! 

Back when we were engaged, thinking about birth control made me cringe. I don't know why it made me so nervous. Both my mom and mother-in-law had horror experiences with the pill so long story short I landed on the IUD. It was painful to be put in, but it could be left in for up to 5 years and we figured we didn’t want a baby for at least a couple. I figured that we had all the time in the world to wait and that we were in no rush! 

A couple bliss-filled months of marriage passed and to be honest, the idea of having a baby had been nagging me the entire time. But I didn’t tell Tyler quite yet because I didn’t feel ready. Just before General Conference came, Tyler pulled me aside and told me that he had been feeling prompted for a while to start our family. I told him that I had too.. but that I didn’t know if I was ready to be a momma yet. We decided that we would pray and try to decide over conference! We had a few very spiritual experiences as a couple that aren’t very appropriate (in my opinion) for sharing on an open blog, but we got our answer.

I was terrified. There was absolutely not a shadow of a doubt because of our experiences that we should put it off. I knew we needed to move forward in faith. I now realize that a lot of the reasons I was putting it off weren't reasons worth waiting! I was worried it would make getting my degree impossible. (which is important to me!) and frankly, I was scared of what people would think of our timetable. These fears were preventing me from the faith that I needed to move forward with what I felt Heavenly Father wanted us to do. 

Fast forward through doubts, what-ifs and finally, faith. We made my appointment to take my IUD out. From there on out – it has been nothing but the best experience. I felt complete peace from that moment forward. I figured it would take us a few months to get pregnant, right? We conceived on the very day my IUD was removed! My doctor said that in her 20 years of doing what she does.. she had never seen someone get pregnant so quickly after an IUD removal. It was meant to be!

One morning, I was getting ready for school. Tyler was coming to pick me up to take us to campus in 30 minutes. All of the sudden I had the idea to take a pregnancy test. "Noooo. There's no way. Plus I'm not even supposed to start my period for a week." The thought kept nagging at me. I justified taking one by realizing that seeing the one line would help me to stop thinking about it so much the following days. To stop being so paranoid about the possibility! So I did my thing and sat it on the counter. I went to get dressed, came back in, still nothing. Left again to grab a drink. Went back to take a peek at the little stick on my bathroom counter...

At this point, I started double checking. Making sure what I thought two lines meant really meant what I thought. "Oh my gosh.. oh my gosh.." and then the tears came. But they weren't "oh no" tears.. They were tears of joy! They were tears of excitement. Tears of happiness, truly! At this point, Tyler would be home in 5 minutes. I hadn't planned on being pregnant so soon (It had been 2 weeks without birth control), let alone a clue of an idea how I was going to tell him! I did the first thing that came to mind. 

He walked in, "Hey babe! Ready to head to school?" I was wiping the kitchen counter, (and shaking so hard, at that) and handed him a cloth and asked him to go wipe off the counter in the bathroom. I paused, and waited for him to see the test on the counter. As he walked into the bathroom I just heard, “No way babe!” and then he popped out and said, “Really?!” with THE BIGGEST smile on his face. We sat on the couch for an hour talking, smiling, and in complete shock. 

We are so happy. This entire experience has been nothing but positive, nothing but uplifting and nothing but strengthening. We feel blessed and we feel loved. Little Vance is officially 11 weeks old. We can't wait to meet this little one!



We had all plans ready to head to Montana yesterday to meet up with Tyler's family. We had a spontaneous trip planned to Kalispell where we were going to ski, snowboard and shop! I woke up at 7am on New Years Day (which if that isn't hard enough to do, I don't know what is) and got all ready, packed and when Tyler woke up a little after, he started saying that he really didn't want to go. One thing lead to another, and we decided to stay here in Utah for a couple more days which has been much needed! 

I remember before we got pregnant, I was pretty scared about the morning sickness aspect of pregnancy. My mom had horrible pregnancies (the kind where she threw up 25 times a day the entire 9 months) which is also why she only had 3. I figured those lovely genes would make their way to me, mother to daughter, ya know? The first month of my pregnancy came and went, with no signs of nausea ahead. Then all of the sudden with no warning, over Thanksgiving break, they came. I wondered what it would feel like, and it basically feels like you have the flu for an extended period of time which becomes quite exhausting. Last month, there was a day where I couldn't keep anything down for 24 hours. I was so sick and was throwing everything up. Tyler finally called my doctor and they prescribed to me my new best friend, Zofran. 

I'm one of those crazy people who prefers to take medicine as little as possible, but I agreed to Zofran because let's be honest - the toilet and I were becoming too good of friends. If I wanted to go on about this medicine for an hour I could, but I'll save you and just say that I want to meet the people who created it and kiss them all. It's a miracle drug and I'm not sure why I went almost 2 months without it! I still have occasional rough days (yesterday was one of them) but it really will all be worth it!

As far as cravings go, I consider myself lucky. I was convinced I would be one of those girls that craves nothing but ice cream and potato chips but this hasn't been the case. My cravings include all fruit, some vegetables and anything fresh and light. Whole grain breads have been a favorite and anything that hasn't really been processed. (With the one exception of in-n-out. Strange I know.) Just an example for ya of my latest craving.. I ate 2 (10-pack) containers of tomatoes from Costco in two days. 20 tomatoes in 2 days. And still craving more!

My aversions have been anything fried or unhealthy really. (What a gift, truly. Like I said though, there's the exception of in-n-out always.) Another main aversion is Chinese food which I just gagged while typing that.

 All in all, I can honestly say that I am just loving this pregnancy. Every single day, Tyler and I are in awe at the miracle of life. We've grown so close during this time and we look forward to all of the crazy adventures, both good and bad, ahead. I am trying to soak in each and every day because I know things all change so fast in the short span of 9 months!



Tyler and I are so excited about some news that we have been thrilled about for the past two and a half months! It's even more exciting to get to share it with our friends and family who we love. Now you get an idea of why I've been MIA for the past couple weeks. Part of me felt like writing in my blog was lying because I wasn't telling a huge part what I deal with every day! Morning sickness has had the best of me, but it'll all be worth it for a beautiful little babe. 

 At 9 weeks we started taking weekly pictures, so here you have 9 week and 10 weeks (which is more like 10.5 weeks, whoops!). 

The past few months have been such a roller coaster and the details will come, I promise! We feel overwhelmed with gratitude and are so looking forward to everything that 2014 will bring to us.