I got that wintertime, wintertime sadness… wi-wi-wi-wintertime..

Okay, I'm done. Winter isn't all that bad! So I realized that I always do these "weekend recaps" so this upcoming week, my goal is to blog as things happen rather than being 3 days late! I apologize for lagging in the area… But I have a good excuse, I promise! My weekend consisted of this sweet husband of mine bringing me flowers..

A trip to Idaho Falls to my new favorite Thai restaurant..

Pad Thai.. the ultimate. You can never go wrong with Thai.

& grocery shopping, of course!! This week I tried to get mostly fresh fruits and veggies, we're trying to be way more healthier. 

I know exactly what you're thinking now… healthier? Why are you in the popcorn isle then? It was a short-lived temptation that I then walked away from. Should've captured that moment instead, walking away is much more rare than picking up popcorn.

Hope your weekend was beautiful! 

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