As I'm sure you know, today is Veteran's day and sadly I've never thought about it as much as I should. I found this cute picture of my awesome Grandpa Ashcraft who served in WWII. 
I feel so grateful for those who have served, and who do serve. It's such a brave act of service and they deserve holidays without end! Thank you thank you!!

This weekend was a great one, once again. Tyler and I went to the temple, did our weekly grocery shopping (is it strange that I look forward to grocery shopping?) and went to dinner in Idaho Falls. 

"Movember" lasted about 4 days for this guy. We're okay with that. 

Tyler played basketball with his "#1 homie" Kyle. These boys are so funny.

 We went for a beautiful Sunday walk and I didn't even need a jacket. IN IDAHO. Is this real life?

I've found that I live for weekends. (But who doesn't?) Mostly Sundays - and that's because I get my husband all to myself. We made a goal when we got married that Tyler will try to avoid doing any homework on Sundays at all costs. So far - so good! We've already felt the blessings from doing this & our time spent together is sweeter than ever. 


  1. my husband & i could definitely try & take your advice! i would love a sunday where we have nothing to do but enjoy eachother :) love your blog!

    1. It's not always possible but most of the time we are able to pull it off. It makes Sundays so sweet & so enjoyable! Thanks so much Kayla!