Those that know me well, know that I'm a little bit anti-movies. I'm just not a fan of them (Unless it's a great chick flick of course). I'm this way because I feel that there are so many better things to do with my time than watch a movie. I'd rather spend interactive time with Tyler on a date than go sit in a dark room for two hours. Call me crazy, it's just the way I am.

Tyler has begged me for the 1 year we've known each other to go to the theaters with him. I always come up with an alternative date night activity rather than going to the movie theatre. Last night, I realized that it's not always all about me and that sometimes I need to go on dates that sound fun to Tyler too. When I agreed that we could go to a movie for Family Home Evening, I wish I could have caught his reaction on camera. It was so priceless and so cute, it made me want to go to movies more just so I could see him react that way again! He chose Captain Phillips….

We had heard amazing reviews on this movie, and to be honest, the story line, plot, actors and filming were amazing. If you're into action-filled, extremely realistic, terrifying, your-worst-nightmare kinda movies involving guns and weapons.. This is your movie.

I'll skip the justification and say that this movie terrified me. I even cried. (cue the laughter - we laughed that I cried afterwards too) But that's how scared I was! I left the movie wiping my tears while Tyler kept saying how sweet it was and how we should go to movies every weekend.

One of those funny, write in your journal, kinda moments. To say the least, it may be a while before I return to the theater. 

As I was getting ready for bed, I walked in and Tyler had decided to give himself a little buzz cut.

Although it was 11pm at night, I wasn't opposed to it because I love when he has a buzz. 

My last little piece of information includes my new favorite breakfast. I used to eat this in elementary and I have re-fallen in love with it. Eggs & cheese on toast. I wished it would have been whole grain bread but we had run out and this did just fine. Maybe not the healthiest breakfast… but I'm getting protein from the egg whites right?

Three days until Friday - we can do it!


  1. Oh how I love this. Also, you are beautiful!!

    1. Always so kind! Thank you Amanda, you are the sweetest!