Last night for our friday night date night, I was feeling very nice so we went to Wingers and watched the first part of the BYU vs. Utah State game. We then went to the Farmer's Market (a little bit of a his & hers date night) which was sooo super fun. I love farmers markets and I think it may have been the last one. So sad, but loving the fall weather. Bittersweet!

The boy got his fried oreos. I tasted a bite and did not like them. But if anyone knows Tyler, you know about his love for oreos. Wingers, the game, and oreos…. I left with a very happy husband!

Then this morning, our cute friends invited us over for breakfast & conference. You may remember Kyle & Kaloni from this post, and Kaloni's cute sister Tiahna and her husband live in our ward too! We love these people and it was so fun to spend conference morning with them. Thanks Conrads & Udalls! As conference started, Kelly (Tiahna's husband) noticed that we were all taking notes on some sort of apple product. We thought it was pretty funny!

Kaloni made these cinnamon rolls and we were all DYING over them. I've never been a huge cinnamon roll person but these were just so perfect. She even put fresh pumpkin in them. Yeah, we were all dying. She makes me want to be a better wife and a better cook.

He loooves pictures if you can tell :)

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!


  1. Just discovered your blog! Super cute!!


    1. Thank you Jordan!! I love finding new blogger friends.

  2. Farmers markets are the best thing EVER.
    p.s. your hair looks sooo good!

    1. Aww Jennie you are too sweet. Thank you!