My parents own a timeshare here at the Marriott in Park City so we usually spend a couple weeks here each year, but I haven't been in a few years. It is so fun to bring Tyler up here. My family & I have so many fun memories here for as long as I can remember and this weekend getaway was much needed.

Driving down here today, Tyler turned to me, with all seriousness, and asked, 

"So do you think that you could get into the Hobbit? I love that movie and I think that we could have a lot of fun together watching all of them." 

Hahahaha. First off, this is the second time he has asked me this. But he was so serious and it was so cute! If anyone knows me, you know that I don't like movies. So we laughed and I am sticking to baking as a hobby and Tyler will stick to loving Lord of the Rings. Gender differences.. It's ok for husband & wife to have their own hobbies right? ;)

On our way to the pool & reunited with my crazy little sister.

^Please notice the Costco size chocolate covered almonds above. This weekend should be difficult as far as self-control goes. My mom seriously bought SO much food. I told her that the difference between us and them is that they can afford what I call "luxury food" - haha. In other words, buying more than necessary. So many yummy things.

Speaking of yummy things.. I've seen this Skinny Pop at the grocery store.. my mom has got me HOOKED. I don't even like popcorn! I promise it does not disappoint.

Me saying "You guys I for real can't stop eating this."

What are YOU doing this weekend??

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