When school started back in September, so did my new job! I am working as a student secretary in the psychology department and I love it so much. I have always kinda wanted to work as a secretary because it just seemed like a job I would love. I was right! I love it! I work with the best people and the psychology department teachers are amazing. My job pretty much just entails doing small tasks for teachers and greeting students who come into the department. It's simple and I love it. 

However, today was a little different. I walked into work at 9:30am and I was told that one of the teachers was gone and that I would be teaching his class. 


I asked what class it was and it was a three-hundred level class. At this point I'm a little nervous thinking I will need to prepare a lot. I asked when the class starts..


You guys! I know nothing! Fortunately I was left with an outline to follow and it ended up working out great! We did a few activities and because my major is so similar to Psychology, a lot of my classmates from my other classes were in this class. I didn't feel very qualified but I loved it and had a lot of fun. I wish I wasn't so far into my major or I would consider switching over to teaching. I remember saying as a little girl, "I will never be a teacher." But I actually was loving it and was sad when the second class was over and I was done for the day.

So that's my day for you! One of the other cute secretaries had a bun today too and our head secretary wanted a photo. I love the people I work with!


  1. Dang girl! I'm sure you did just wonderfully!

  2. you are always looking SO beautiful!! I love looking at your pictures!:)