I've been crazy busy this week with school and haven't had much time to blog! Here's a little recap.

Yummy yummy fruit and yogurt breakfast.

We celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday with a few of Tyler's canadian friends. We cheated and only had pie because 1. Pie is much more fun to make, 2. Pie is a lot easier to make than an entire thanksgiving dinner & 3. Frankly, pie is good and so is thanksgiving dinner, but we went to Costa Vida for our thanksgiving dinner. 

If you know us, you know that this paperwork has been seriously such a stress in our lives. (The paperwork for Tyler to become an American) I spent close to 35 hours on this paperwork and to finally have it in the mail is the best feeling. We celebrated by getting Chinese takeout - my favorite.

I made 12 dozen cookies this week. Yes you heard right, 12 dozen. 144 cookies. If anyone is looking for an AMAZING cookie recipe, this one is it. Pumpkin cookies with a caramel icing - you guys, I can't get enough of these and neither can anyone else! I gave them to everyone and their dog that I knew because you cannot go wrong. 

Remember how my mom introduced me to Skinny Pop? Yes I found it at Sam's Club and bought some yesterday. It's half way gone. Guiltless deliciousness.

On a side note, who else feels like Sam's Club ends up taking all of your money when it says it saves you? Maybe because we are a family of two. I feel like every time we go there we spend so much money. We didn't go grocery shopping last week so we had to stalk up on a lot of things. I got lots of fresh fruit and it ended up being very expensive. We spent $175 yesterday on groceries and I feel very guilty about it…. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. I always feel guilty about spending wayyyy to much money on foodshopping :(
    Praying for you guys, that this paperwork works out!
    Have a good start in this new week