This past weekend, Ty and I took a (very) last minute trip to Utah to grab a few things and also to go to my good friend Shayli's wedding reception. There's something really fun about deciding to go home, and then driving there within the hour. I got to spend some time with my mom and sisters, and Tyler loved it because he got to go mountain biking with my dad. Two of my best friends Chelsea and Tori came over Saturday night and it was sooo nice to just get to catch up with them. The best part about going home, is going home. My parents built our house while my mom was pregnant with me, so I've literally grown up in this house. While there, I went into my sisters rooms and she had three vases in her window with different succulents in each one. I loved it and wanted the same in my own bedroom back in Rexburg! On our way home, we took a little stop at IKEA for some more plates, vases and succulents to put in our bedroom window. 

And P.S. I wish it was summer again.


  1. that house is GORGEOUS! so are you! xo

    1. Lex, you just made my entire day! Thanks so much, you are so very sweet!