Clearly I'm in denial that my wedding is over because I just keep blogging about it. Sorry guys! Today I am going to tell the story of my dress, and how it came to be. I'm going to be honest, tell you prices, and get into the details with this post. 

I knew I wanted lace. We started at the most recommended Bridal Salon in Utah, The Perfect Dress. We loved it here because everyone was so kind to us and really made it a special experience. The third dress I tried on was beautiful and my mom & I cried and I knew it was the one. The mistake? We were just trying on dresses and not even looking at the price tags. Soo I was kind of guessing that a wedding dress would cost around $1,000 or less. Maybe I live under a rock or something because boy was I wrong! If I didn't want lace, I could have for sure managed to pay less, but I knew I wanted it. After all this, we asked and she said that this beautiful-dream-dress-that-we-knew-was-the-one was $1,900 but with the alternations I wanted we were looking at around $2,300. TWENTY THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Yeah, I wasn't all over that. 

My mom told me that I had a budget, and that if I wanted to splurge in one area and scrimp in another that I could. But when I thought about it, I couldn't bring myself to spend that much. We left the store and drove to every single dress shop in the SLC valley. Like, I'm not even kidding. Every single store. 


By this time I was discouraged, tired and done. We headed home and my mom suggested we make one last stop in Utah County. By this time, most of them were closed. We called store after store and they had each closed for the night. (bridal stores close early) We finally found one that was open. Bridal Centre in Provo. We pulled up and I did not want to go in. It was tucked in this little ghetto store and I was assuming the worst. My mom convinced me to go in, and we did. Despite the old carpet, and run-down store, they had an absolutely BEAUITFUL selection. In previous stores, I would look through the selection and try on maybe 2 or 3 but here I had pulled probably 15 dresses! It was refreshing and I was happy. 

I tried on dress #1. I walked out, and my mom, (my sister, my grandma, and my aunts met up with us for this last one) and we all cried. They got the veil out, like they do in Say Yes to the Dress, and it was all so real! It was the one! This is when we had a wedding miracle.

One of the workers came over and started telling us about the dress. It was the exact same designer and style as the very one we had fallen in love with at The Perfect Dress in SLC! The exact same. I kid you not. But I braced myself as I asked the next question… "How much is it?"


Ahhhh. This was such a magical moment and I couldn't believe that it was $500 less, plus the alterations (I wanted longer sleeves) would be a LOT less. (like $50 total)

So happy.

all images Stephanie Sunderland Photography


  1. Tell me about it! Every time I do another wedding post I think "alright, that has to have been the last one." And then two days later, I find myself doing it again! Beautiful dress though! I think I tried on and loved the exact same one in the exact same store once upon a time.

    1. Laura, it is so very true!! I guess that I justify it by thinking that I need to document these times for myself :) Your dress looks gorgeous as well! Thanks so much for the sweet comment!