I have been MIA in regards to my blog the past couple days. My apologies. These are just a few of our favorite wedding photos from my dream day, July 30, 2013. I feel SO grateful for all of the many people who helped me so much along the way. For my dear mom who put up with me being so stubborn and helped me throughout the entire process(not only was she the mother of bridezilla BUT she also did ALL of my flowers!! with the help of my talented aunts), for my my twin sisters that were so easy-going about my wedding day being on their birthday (yikes!), for my family, my sweet and loving dad, for ALL of our family that flew in from Canada, Texas, Virginia, Chicago, for my amazing photographer and family friend Stephanie Sunderland, for my best friend Ashlyn Ririe for helping me every step of the way, my aunt Lindsey for making my beautiful cake and ahh the list goes on. I am so grateful for all of my family and friend's love and support!! You guys are all so amazing and I hope to help each of you on your special day like you helped me on mine. 

phew, sorry for babbling. 

Planning for a wedding is so fun. It's so much preparation, planning, tears, stressing, laughing, excitement, crafting, making sure every little detail is perfect, and it's all just for one day. I feel such gratitude for everyone wanting to make my day so very special. 


These photos are so fun for me because I get to relive the best day of my life. To be honest, it was such an emotion-filled day that sometimes it kind of seems blurred in my mind. I'm so grateful for photos so that I can go back and remember the most special day where I was married and sealed to the love of my life! 

all images by Stephanie Sunderland

I am one happy girl!


  1. What amazing photos! You were a stunning bride & the look on your face is priceless...you look SO happy. I wish I could go back to my wedding day, too :( So bad.


  2. These pictures are gorgeous! You & your husband are the cutest :) love your blog.

    carley Jacobs

    1. Thanks so much! I already love your blog. Such a classy wedding and loved your wedding dress. :)

      xoxo madeline